A beauty blogger with a value of 10 million, the tubing video playback volume is 1.8 billion!

At the age of 20, I have 16 million fans. I am good at all kinds of “special effects” makeup. I also cooperate with Kardashian.
Which beauty bloggers do you usually pay attention to? Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce James Charles, the most popular fan of Youtube beauty bloggers. He has just turned 20 this year and has created many records.

This year, there are so many beauty bloggers. Why is it that James Charles is the male blogger? Although he and his teacher Tati tore the headlines this year, his own makeup technology is really unbearable celebrity dresses.

Of course, James Charles also created a lot of records, a million tons of tubing powder per year, tubing video views of 1.8 billion, worth 10 million yuan, is the first male spokesperson in Cover Girl history, the most famous beauty brand in the United States. .

In his tubing video, he rarely saw daily makeup. He used his face as a drawing board to paint. He was good at various “special effects” makeup. At that time, there was no male beauty blogger who dared to do such things. He was like An atomic bomb brought a sense of freshness to the market, so it also made him 20 million years old to achieve 12 million achievements.

Some people praised that this is no longer a make-up. It is simply painting the face as a canvas. In addition to makeup techniques, James’s tongue is also unusual. The speed of “quantum flip book”, repeated “Hey, Sister”, the degree of brainwashing is stronger than Li Jiaqi shouting “OMG, buy it to buy it” in your ear.

Plus makeup technology is really amazing, the number of fans has been on the rise, Fashioninstp commented that he is one of the most powerful beauty bloggers in 2016, becoming the most beautiful beauty blogger of Youtube.

James Charles is not only a beauty blogger, but also a cross-border fashion circle. The brand is invited to participate in the fashion industry’s annual grand festival Met Gala, becoming the youngest beauty blogger Met Gala invited to participate. Also participated in this year’s New York Fashion Week, a black dress, which fits the modern modernity of New York, is called “the most influential KOL of New York Fashion Week” by WWD.

But this year he picked up a health care product advertisement, which is his own competitor to Tati’s competitor. This video, once released, became the fuse of the two people’s annual tears.

Immediately after the bad reviews, he lost 3 million fans overnight. Five months later, he painted with glitter eyeshadows and appeared in the WWD interview room wearing Prada boots. The cloud was lightly talking about the most authentic in this storm. Feel.

He said, “I don’t care about people like me before. I want to do something new. I want to do some new experiments. I want to do some co-branding with some beauty brands and try new things. Also cooperate with Kardashian.

Fashion Bazaar will release the star e-newsletter special issue. Join hands with Zhang Yixing as a charity

2019 Fashion Bazaar Star Charity Night will be held on November 16th. This year’s BAZAAR Star Charity Night, with the theme of “Meditation of the Future and Charity Peers”, continues to promote the “Bazaar After School One Hour” aesthetic education project initiated by Fashion Bazaar in 2018, focusing on the rural boarding primary school and transforming a room. Empty classrooms, equipped with the necessary hardware facilities, and introduced graded aesthetic education courses such as art, reading, chorus, and chess, enriching the after-school life of rural boarding children.

Fashion Bazaar has never stopped on the road of aesthetic education and charity. This year, it has exclusively planned a special issue of star e-newsletter charity. Specially invited Zhang Yixing as a “Bashua Love Help Ambassador” to shoot, and fashion Bazaar hand in hand for love. Walk with love. A few days ago, Bazaar official Weibo has announced that 50% of the amount won in the sale of this star e-join charity special issue will be donated to the “Basha after school hour” aesthetic education public welfare in the name of Bazaar and Zhang Yixing. project celebrity dresses.

It is reported that the current fashion Bazaar Zhang Yixing charity special issue will be launched at the same time on November 14th at 18:00 at Bazaar in APP, fashion Bazaar electronic magazine WeChat applet, fashion Bazaar electronic magazine vibrato applet. “Basza Love Help Ambassador” In the way of Zhang Yixing’s interpretation of this charity e-newsletter, it is expected to be a charity.

In addition, the 2019BAZAAR Star Charity Night will also be carried out in a new and breakthrough concert, with the most free voice and the warmest performance to interpret charity. On November 16th, I look forward to witnessing the power of love and dreams with Bazaar.

How do men choose the suit that suits them?

How do men choose the suit that suits them? For men after work, it is very important to have a suitable suit. There are always occasions when boys need formal costumes. So, what should boys pay attention to when choosing a suit?

How do men choose the suit that suits them?

Suitable shoulder line

The shoulder is one of the key parts that reflect whether a man is strong. We praise a man for being mature, stable, and responsible, often saying that he has “shoulders.” The so-called shoulder stereo refers to the fact that after wearing a suit, the shoulder part of the man will not be overpressed by the over-tightening, and it will not be too spirity. Therefore, when purchasing a suit, the shoulder line must be just right celebrity dresses.

Full chest

Men can have no chest muscles, but the chest that is straight and confident must not be less. Similar to the three-dimensional shoulder, the full chest can better represent the atmosphere of a suit man. If the chest is too loose, it will look lazy and casual; the chest position is too tight, not only uncomfortable to wear, but also not enough.

Exquisite waistline

The waist line of a suit is very important. A good waist line not only modifies the shape of the man, but also enhances the sense of well-being of the whole person. If the waist is not fit enough, the person wearing it will look like a rigid rectangle. The sexyness of a man wearing a suit is also reflected in the beauty of the curve, so the waistline is especially important for the overall decoration.

Choose a fit suit skill:

  1. First of all, look at the suit is not suitable to look at the four parts: shoulder width and sleeve length, length (length) and bust width. First measure your shoulder width and sleeve length, length (length) and bust width and narrowness data, then select the appropriate code according to the size table given by the manufacturer or the store; (China Fashion Network)
  2. According to the body type: “body type” means the difference between the body’s net chest circumference and the net waist circumference. The body type classification codes are Y, A, B, and C. The Y body type is a wide shoulder and a thin waist type (slim or muscle-developed type), the A body type is a normal normal body type, and the B body type is slightly protruding (a fat body type). The C body type is obese, and the specific difference is: male: Y body type 22~425px, A body type 16~300px, B body type 11~175px, C body type 6~50px. The average size of a male suit will only be produced in both A and B versions. If it is too thin (the difference between the chest and waist is Y), you can only choose the A version. If the A version is too large, you can only go to the volume. Custom made. If the body type is obese, the B version can’t be worn, and it can only be customized. Of course, if the chest-waist difference belongs to A or B, it is generally possible to buy a more fit male suit size. Usually the salesperson will use 44, 46, 48 and other figures to indicate the specifications. These figures are actually the bust of the suit and the inch. Generally 44 corresponds to 165, 46 corresponds to 170, 48 corresponds to 175, and so on.
  3. Pay attention to the size of the casual suit; many manufacturers usually use S, M, L, XL, XXL to mark the size. In general, S is suitable for men with a height of 165~170, M is suitable for height 170~175. Men wear, and so on. However, if the body is too fat, you should increase the code by one yard. The size of the trousers is generally expressed by the waist circumference. The method is expressed in inches (28, 29, 30), centimeters and city inches. The ohms are determined by 1/2 bust and 1/2 waist. type. According to the relevant national standards in China, the size of the clothing for adult men and women is expressed by the “number system”, and the suit is no exception. “No.”, including “number”, “type”, “body type” three parts. Among them, the “number” indicates the height of the human body (in cm, which is 125px); the “type” indicates the body’s net bust (top, usually 100px) or the net waist (bottom, usually 100px) First gear).

Another artist dragged by YG? Known as “Monster Newcomer”, she relies on wearing to keep fans!

Recently, YG released the return poster of singer Li Yiyi, whose poster reads “coming soon”. Her strong eyes and more mature style make people curious about the concept of this new album, which makes fans have a strong expectation. This singer, who has been hiding in YG for 3 years, is finally going to return!

Li Yiyi was runner-up in the SBS “K-pop star” program. Her unique voice is impressive, and it is hard to see among Korean singers. After that, she signed a contract with YG.

The release single “1, 2, 3, 4” swept the Korean audio source list in 4 weeks, and then the first album “First Love” main song “Rose” boarded the US bulletin board and won the “monster” The title of “newcomer”, however, disappeared as soon as it debuted, and the album “SEOULITE” was released again after three years celebrity dresses.

But since then, there has never been a return. Only the occasional singer of the TV series OST is really not worthy of the face, but the artists of YG only look at the strength and do not look at the face.

For the reason that Li Yuyi’s blank time is a little long, YG explained that “because this is an album that is dedicated to making your favorite music.”

For South Korea, which has been updated quickly, it is easy to be forgotten in the face of the public for a long time. It is easy to be forgotten. The Bigbang who played for YG has only released three regular albums in 10 years. 2NE1 has only been out of the debut for 10 years. Zhang formal, it can be seen that YG’s procrastination is unusual.

Every time YG has a return message, there will be fans of other idols. When I ask my family to return, I will find a poster of Li Yiyi. There is no specific return time. The return of Somi was announced earlier, but it is also a push. Push again, and then determine the date of return, I hope YG company will let Li Yiyi return!

Called by fans as “another artist dragged down by YG”, Li Yiyi has been interacting with fans on YouTube in addition to singing TV series OST and featuring in the past three years.

Li Yiyi, who is affectionately known as the “middle cake girl”, can be said to be able to keep fans by wearing it alone. Wearing a white dress, her eyes are full of intense gaze, and the long hair of black micro-rolls looks like her. Feminine!

Wearing a black suit jacket and a black top, it reveals a delicate clavicle, sexy and sultry, with a butterfly necklace, revealing the softness and elegance of a woman, sexy just right.

Wei fat girl dressing illustrations What kind of windbreaker is the little fat girl?

It is said that every three thousand pounds of fat in the festive season, this is not, just after Halloween, I will personally demonstrate what is called the festival! Therefore, the big brothers are now showing their feelings. In this issue of “Miniature Girl Dressing Illustrations”, if you see my overflowing autumn, please do not see it?

But anyways, today’s micro fat girl dressing illustrations, let’s talk about the windbreaker. Although for many northern fat friends north of Guangdong, the current temperature is more suitable for woolen coats and down, but the season of cold and hot is dependent on the sweaty coat or the T-shirt that is cold to death. Life”.

And on the show floor, the windbreaker as a seasonal item, the frequency of occurrence = as long as you want to see, it will appear. It is undeniable that the windbreaker has been sitting on the throne of the spring and autumn season celebrity dresses.

So, the seasonality of the windbreaker is a very worthwhile question, and it is best to wear it in seasons.

What kind of windbreaker is it like I am only one meter six? Today, this pig will tell you! (Please look at the results of running a broken leg in Guangzhou. I only found a few lonely windbreakers. Would you like to read the full text?)

Profile trench coat + wide leg pants

Autumn trench coats and wide-leg pants are a pair of locked CPs. The coolness of autumn and the breeze of the north wind are especially evident between the elegant windbreaker and wide-leg pants.

So this time, I was a little fat person. I chose a dark-washed tannin wide-leg trousers in the 80s, and a worn plaid shirt from my mother’s wardrobe.

Because this fat is an apple-shaped figure, the pants of wide-leg pants actually have little effect on the modification of my body. However, under the brace of the profile windbreaker, the belly on both sides of the waist and abdomen can be well hidden. The flesh is gone, only the waistline.

What happened to the north wind? As long as I am fat enough, the wind will not blow me.

Straight or slim trench coat + dress

The dress is also one of the favorite items in this fall. The darling of this year’s fashion circle is the bourgeois style, so I chose a (self-feeling) special CELINE print dress to match the shirt’s straight windbreaker. This does not properly extend me from the O-shaped body to the H-shaped long body.

In the 2019-2020 blast of Bourgeois, the micro-fat girls have to take the CELINE BY HEDI SLIMANE route. In fact, they don’t have to wear Knee High Boot like the bamboo pole models on the show floor. A piece of calf skin can achieve a less fat effect.

In addition to the boutonniere dress, this time I also have a black short dress for Judy. For the little girl who is less than 1 meter, the length of the bottom is one of the factors that determine our height of “the day after tomorrow” – just above the knee. Being too short or too long will make our height hit back one meter two.

The same is true for the length of the windbreaker. In order to specifically show the effect of different lengths of windbreaker on the height, I specially use this black 蹦di skirt to match two different lengths of windbreaker:

The left side of the set: beige large lapels do not receive waist long trench coat;

The set on the right: a khaki mid-rise waistcoat.

The results are clear at a glance, the right set of Look 2 on the right!

Look 2 wins in the short trench coat and the inner dress to make the whole layer more layered, not to become a funny dress. There is also a design for the waist, which should have the phrase “have waist and no waist.”

But Look 1 is because I don’t know where the length of the clothes is superior, I want to greedily want to swallow me, and the result is not unilaterally declared defeated!

Drape windbreaker + bottoms missing method

In Guangzhou, which is not hot or cold, it’s the most interesting thing to have nothing to do with a leg, especially for the micro-fat girls whose meat grows only in the belly, the bare legs can visually reach the weight you want to lose. How many pounds of exaggerated effect. Of course, I also exaggeratedly expressed it.

But then again, the big power is always in the airport with the fire of this kind of missing dressing method, one can solve many lazy people’s dressing difficulties; the second can be quiet and fashionable one time; three can still save The long and large pressure box bottoms in the closet of their own (or boyfriend). One arrow and three carvings, it is inevitable that it is a bit too wit!

So this fat and clever ghost, I followed the big power to download the missing method once, with a drape of windbreaker with a long sweater. In the autumn, which is neither cold nor hot, the temperature difference is thief, the sweater and windbreaker are a pair of lock CPs that I have designated.

How to choose the length of this windbreaker? Also don’t have to be too long, the length is at the knee level.

The little fat girl chooses the windbreaker to focus on! !

  1. Profile windbreaker + wide-leg pants – the inside must be raised to improve the waistline;
  2. Choose the straight coat or the self-cultivation windbreaker to modify the body;
  3. Drape windbreaker may try to download the missing method, fashionable and lazy.

Little fat girls, grab the fall tail and pick a windbreaker that suits you! If you want to see anything, don’t forget to tell Wei fat in the comment area!

How do boys wear scarves and look good and handsome?

How do boys wear scarves and look good and handsome? Wearing scarves is not necessary to keep warm, but also good-looking, a good-looking wearing of a scarf can give you an overall image, and there are many ways to wear men’s scarves, so how to wear a men’s scarves.

Which brand of men’s scarves is good?

  1. Burberry

I believe that many men in this brand know that his family’s products for men are still very much. He is also a classic men’s brand. His scarf is suitable for men of different ages and styles. His scarf design is low-key and luxurious. It is sought after by many stars and nobles. His fabric is also very soft and skin-friendly. The overall design is very simple and elegant. It is a very classic men’s scarf brand celebrity dresses .

2, Loro Piana

This brand is the largest manufacturer of cashmere products in the West. The scarves of his family are made of pure mountain wool. The fabric is very shiny and feels very comfortable. After being surrounded, it is quite skin-friendly. His style is also A variety of commuter and leisure are very suitable, very warm, it is a cold artifact!

3, Begg & Co

This is a famous scarf brand with a history of 100 years. Its scarf fabric is mainly made of cashmere. The fabric is very comfortable and warm. The scarf of his house is very skin-friendly and feels very comfortable. The scarf is all made by Artificial spinning, weaving and dyeing, so the price is much more expensive than the usual brand. The style and color of the scarf are very much. The daily commute is very versatile. In the design, the tassel elements of the fire in the past two years are used. Monotonous winter is very bright!

4, Johnstons of Elgin

This scarf is also made of cashmere. The scarf style of his family is very much, the color is very bright, which makes you more eye-catching in the monotonous winter. This scarf has a very good warm effect and comfortable fabric. His family’s scarves can be used on both sides. They are very practical and convenient, they are also very versatile, and the price is relatively beautiful. After wearing, it will make you more handsome and handsome.

5, Jack Jones

This brand’s scarves are highly sought after by the stars and nobles. He is also a very classic clothing brand. He is very suitable for young men. After wearing, he is very youthful and energetic. He is also very versatile and does not need to be specially matched. What kind of clothes, as long as casual, casual, its design is very in line with the public’s aesthetic, so it is also the best choice for men to work out the street.

6, Carbine

This brand is a brand specially designed for men. His home feels very comfortable and the fabric is very skin-friendly. His style design is original, combining Chinese style with international popular elements. Very It is novel and unique. It belongs to the middle and high-grade level. It has been carefully selected and matched from fabric to series of accessories. Its color is also diverse, not monotonous, very versatile, bringing you a warm and fashionable feeling in the cold winter. .

       How to wear a men’s scarf?

The first one: the scarf around the neck for a week, the tail through the bottom of the neck, neatly arranged, this should be a more widely used method.

The second type: It is recommended that a taller person wear this way. It is very simple. Hang it around your neck and cover your tail with a coat. (lazy people are like this)
The third type: one and a half round around the neck, the tail is placed behind the back, one of the must-have styles.

The fourth type: the scarf is hung around the neck, and the two tails are slid to the back of the neck, which is similar to the third way, and looks the same from the front. There are minor differences behind.

The fifth type: the scarf is folded, the middle is hung on the neck, and the tail is passed through the fold. The scarf is more suitable when it is shorter. This is also one of the popular ways.

Sixth: This is a test of the man’s temperament and the length of the scarf. The scarf is hung on the neck first, but the ends can not be neat, the longer end can be around the neck for a week, and the finishing is a man.

The seventh type: scarf hanging neck, leaving one end of a long length, knotted, the shorter end through the knot, finishing it.
 Eighth: Similar to the seventh way, but the shorter end is also crossed.
Ninth: The scarf is hung on the neck. The length of one end is longer, the longer end is a week, and the two tails pass through the middle of the ring in front of the neck.

Next, show the effect of the model, the scarf does not need to be too long, the right is ok, this model is in the fifth way, looks very handsome and charming.

What kind of men’s scarves look good?

  1. Material – best in wool, cotton and linen

Boys choose wool, cotton and linen materials. This type of material is not only gentle in texture, but also suitable for boys’ simple and generous personality. For example, non-personal groups suggest that boys should not easily try silk scarves.

2, color – can be personalized

For the choice of color, you can choose the personalized color you like, but the premise is to match your own temperament, and not too glamorous, the average male is more likely to accept brown, black, brown, gray, blue and so on.

3, style – simple and generous

Boys do not have to consider too many questions about the choice of scarves. Nowadays, many simple long scarves, bibs, or triangle scarves are all good choices. When boys choose scarves, remember that the style is simple and generous, suitable for individuals. Temperament can be.

4, with – depending on personal temperament dress

An external dress and temperament is the focus of a scarf. You must choose the style/material that suits you according to your temperament and daily dress, so that you can highlight your personality and simplicity, without losing the generosity of the boys.

After reading the CHANEL DIOR PRADA worn by the ladies, I am sour.

The last second is still screaming “indulge in the holiday, unwilling to go to work”, the back foot is sour CHANEL, DIOR, PRADA for the “celebrity” holiday series. The holiday wind in your impression = bohemian dress + wide straw hat + sunglasses? After seeing the wealthy luxury goods, I feel that I am too naive…
PRADA 2019/20 Early Spring Series Conference

What is the “Early Spring Vacation Series”?

The “Early Spring Vacation Collection” is a “transition series” in the middle of two traditional fashion release seasons each year, along with several common names: the Resort Collection or the Cruise Collection.

After voyeurizing the CHANEL DIOR and PRADA worn by the ladies, I was sore celebrity dresses.

Do you know that the brand holiday style was the first to be Ms. Chanel?

Because in the 1920s, rich people in Paris will go to the Mediterranean for a yacht holiday at the end of the Christmas or New Year. Since you want to go on holiday, you must wear a beautiful “holiday” dress. In French, the early spring series is also called “collection croisière”. The Chinese meaning of croisière is the boat tour, so the holiday series came into being at that time.

Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster

I don’t know when it’s time to start, the early spring vacation series is not ready to shoot a lookbook, and the wealthy luxury goods will become “senior private custom travel agencies” in May and June, with editors and bloggers. Travel around the world…

DIOR 2019/20 Early Spring Series Conference

The same holiday trip, how can the “fairy ladies” wear tricks! At this moment, PC sauce only wants to adjust back to work mode, try to make money… Then follow the big footsteps to see all over the world! This is actually for travel enthusiasts. For us, isn’t it a new guide to the most fashionable destination?
Show: Grand Palais

Theme: “Destination CHANEL”

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series

Take CHANEL as an example. The venues for the early spring show include: Grand Palais (2017-2019), Cuba (2016), Seoul (2015), Dubai (2014), Singapore (2013), Versailles (2012), Côte d’Azur (2011), southern French towns Saint Tropez (2010), Venice (2009), Miami (2008), Angel City Los Angeles (2007), New York (2006).

Aside from the popular Eiffel Tower, if you want to truly experience the retro feelings of Paris, you must go to the Grand Palais in Paris.

The DIOR 2019/20 fake series is still in the “Lafayette” favorite Paris Grand Palace, but at the moment is the first season of Virginie Viard’s unique design. The CHANEL 2019/20 early spring vacation collection with a classic Parisian train station is a fresh and delicate interpretation of the theme of “Destination CHANEL”.

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference site

This realistic “train station” does not make people think of the “blue train” that Ms. Chanel took when she was on vacation.
Blue Train poster

△ “Without Karl Lagerfeld’s CHANEL, it will definitely be a bad comment!”

△ “Can CHANEL continue its unshakable fashion status?”

△ “Can you buy (see) the familiar CHANEL style in the future?”

△ “What is the style of CHANEL in the future?”

Fashion is perishable, style is forever

“Chanel’s unchanging rough flowers are more fun and casual”
The whole world is waiting for the new CHANEL, finally coming…

What CHANEL needs is the design of the perseverance, or the trend to adapt to the trend? Virginie Viard took over the answer to the CHANEL creative director’s first ready-to-wear collection, throwing her answer.

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

Among the “passengers” gathered at the CHANEL station, not only Liu Wen, Chen Weizhen, but also Xiaosong Nai, Jay Chou, Kun Ling… I am with them, I believe that every girl is willing to be at this “train station”. A day’s car.
In addition to the amazing details and show guests, Virginie Viard continues the spirit of Gabriel Chanel and Galeries Lafayette in this holiday collection: rigorous and luxurious. The classic tweed suit not only has a bumpy contrast, but even the daughter of Kimura Takuya: Kimura Koshih is also wearing a tweed to surprise the model team.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The new CHANEL designed by Virginie Viard has also been interpreted in a variety of ways.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

But to say that the most eye-catching of this holiday series is definitely the huge camellia bow.

Designed with an oversized bow, it is transformed into a unique tube top, with a tweed suit or under the neckline of a cutout dress, and put it on, making the holiday a romantic atmosphere.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

Followed by the sleek wide-leg pants. The high-waisted silhouette is matched with a seven-point trousers length, and the model wears a short leg. The OS of our “short star” is estimated to be: no matter how big the wide-leg cropped trousers, I am sorry to bother. (Do not buy! ok?)
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

A wide-leg pants are not ok, CHANEL has tight pants and trousers of various materials to provide a variety of choices for ladies.
Another example is the change of the fabric, the version is still very CHANEL small jacket and sweater, the mix and shape is more younger and younger!
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

Inspired by the uniforms of the tooling, the Mocha Brown and Cobalt Blue tones are combined with a slightly exaggerated design that combines comfort and practicality.

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The new CHANEL is simple and casual to wear, tailored jackets, inner and tops, each piece reflects the style of CHANEL soft and soft.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The final chiffon is paired with pink, yellow, blue, and classic black and white tones, and it seems to return to the “Lafayette” style.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The new CHANEL has a bow element on the costume, but the PC sauce falls in love with the small belt and hair clips that run through the show. This kind of low-threshold holiday accessories, here @钱包君: Can I have one of them?
Show: Badi Palace, Marrakech, Morocco

African theme

DIOR 2019/20 early spring scene

DIOR’s holiday collection was chosen at the ruins of the El Badi Palace, a 16th-century palace that was once one of the most luxurious and beautiful palaces in the world. Although the gems have long been emptied, but this is full of national characteristics, this life must be to feel some.
Sumano Association (SUMANO) provides cushions and carpet decoration for DIOR

A coat worn by the show model was also woven by the SUMANO Association.
DIOR 2019/20 early spring series

Having said that, apart from the fact that the venue itself is very ethnic, I think everyone is more curious about why DIOR wants to play “flying” to do the show in Morocco?

This is actually the DIOR creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri once again traced the source. Because this land is not only the former residence of YVES SAINT LAURENT, the first successor of CHRISTIAN DIOR, but also the new presentation of DIOR in the past.

This is not the case. On the eve of the big show, DIOR presented several works by Yves Saint Laurent during the DIOR period in the Palais Bahia Palace.
Cultural integration, feel the charm of art

“DIOR multi-language presents clothing “new look””

DIOR 2019/20 early spring series

This season’s big show is inspired by Morocco, with a total of 113 new look. A variety of batik fabrics reproduce a variety of landscapes and Tarot motifs, from the show layout, music to costumes have African local creative units to participate. The whole show was hot and lively, and it was very lively. In such an environment, I couldn’t help but dance.

Woman, are you free to make up your makeup?

Some time ago, because of the photo of the airport in Reiza, there was a discussion about “freedom of dressing.” In addition to the freedom of dressing, in fact, everyone has the freedom to order the makeup.

To this end, Benedict specifically asked the editors of the small partners, an editor likes to use concealer before applying liquid foundation, and another editor is just the opposite. Another editor even expressed his disdain for the makeup before the discussion.

Of course, these are the freedoms of the editors to paint the bottom, and this time Ben is to say! What are the differences in these different makeup techniques?

  1. Multicolor concealer – foundation

Suitable for skin: redness, acne, dark circles, etc.

Crowd: a makeup veteran who knows the principle of school color

For more skin, the color concealer is a good choice! It can modify various sputums such as acne marks, dark circles and dullness celebrity dresses.

Using the principle of complementary color, the green corresponds to red: red blush covering the red blood, reddish nose, acne print; purple corresponding yellow: covering the face dull, stain, can also be used as the T area to brighten; Used to cover dark purple circles; orange corresponds to blue: used to cover dark circles of dark circles.

According to your facial sputum, use the corresponding color concealer, and then cover with the liquid foundation, so that the bottom makeup is the most natural.

A concealer that moisturizes the texture, the upper face will not pull out the card, and it is very easy to push open, and the dry skin can be used with confidence. Six colors can perfectly cover the corresponding flaws. The cold cream will become harder. It is recommended to use hot air or a few hot air.

The price of one hundred and four is not cheap, but it is durable! The texture is not heavy but the color correction effect is super-obvious and particularly durable. Contains moisturizing vitamin E and antioxidant vitamin C, so it won’t be dull and dry!

  1. Foundation – Concealer

Suitable for the skin: dark spots and acne marks

Crowd: Novices who don’t understand school color

If you are a novice white, do not understand the color correction principle of multi-color concealer, then you can first apply liquid foundation, then use concealer.

Liquid foundation can only play a role in even skin tone, so you should use a concealer with a thick texture and strong hiding power to cover the dark enamel on the skin.

Otaru recommends using a concealer brush, apply a little concealer thickly on the sputum, and then slightly smudge the edges around.

Fingers and sponge eggs are not recommended~ because they cannot be covered accurately!

The three color numbers are free to call the color that suits you best, and the attached brush perfectly covers the enamel. The texture is soft and moist, just as creamy and delicate, it will not be stuck in the powder. It is a broken king!

  1. Makeup before the milk – foundation

Suitable for the skin: no obvious flaws

Crowd: Indoor office workers who are too lazy to apply sunscreen or paint makeup

Many people can’t distinguish between makeup and isolation, but you can’t tell the difference! They are a thing. Most makeup nipples have a sun protection index, so if you are too lazy to apply sunscreen during the fall and winter seasons, you can use pre-makeup instead of sunscreen.

In addition, according to different brands, pre-makeup milk will also have the function of controlling oil, brightening, moisturizing and moisturizing. However, compared with professional concealer products, the effect of pre-makeup is relatively thin, so it is only suitable for skin without obvious blemishes.

Applying moisturizing makeup to the foundation before applying the foundation will make the makeup more suitable. If you have oil control effect, you can increase the makeup effect and reduce the chance of mottled makeup.

You can choose different makeup pre-milk according to your skin type, but Xiao Yan suggested that the skin should still use concealer!

Remember to shake it before use, similar to the texture of the correction fluid, the oil control effect is very good, the face is matte makeup, very suitable for oil skin and mixed oil skin. Recently, a powder that adsorbs sebum has been added, which makes the makeup more durable. There is also the effect of brightening the skin tone~

I used this cream when I was at Benedict University! It is really hydrated and has a certain whitening effect to even out skin tone. SPF26·PA++’s sun protection index is very suitable for commuting, and it is too lazy to apply makeup in autumn and winter.

  1. Applying makeup tools

The foundation brush is not easy to eat powder, which can preserve the gloss and concealing degree of the base makeup to the utmost extent, but it is easy to leave the brush marks.

Therefore, in the technique, it is necessary to pay attention to a small number of layers superimposed one after another, and to quickly and quickly brush the liquid foundation.

The material of the raw wooden handle is very good to hold, the bristles of the man-made fiber are very dense, and it will not feel the face. It can quickly create a uniform makeup with a large area and is more durable than animal hair, which is slightly more expensive!

A makeup brush that I want to start with this value! The wooden handle is wrapped in vintage gold and copper, which is beautiful! It is not easy to leave brush marks on the flat brush head! Praise! The price of about 100 is still acceptable~

Beauty eggs are more convenient to use, but the powder is more powerful, so it is suitable for thicker foundations.

Apply the liquid foundation to your cheeks with your fingers, and then use the makeup eggs to shoot from the middle to the periphery.

Domestic brands are also very easy to use! Benedict bought the smudge brush of its home, quite! Beauty makeup eggs are not bad, although slightly rougher than RT and eat some powder, but the makeup effect is very convincing, 16 can not buy can not afford to buy it!

An editor strongly recommended! It can be used both wet and dry, and can be used to take a powdery foundation when dry. It becomes very soft after water absorption, and it does not eat powder at all. The price is not cheap, but it is acceptable compared to BB.

Hu Sheguang’s “Silk VOGUE-SHE IS VOGUE” fashion show was held in Beijing

If you compare Guanxiu to wine tasting, Hu Xianguang’s show is definitely a cocktail with dry cracks to open the taste buds, soft back to the sweet, and touch the heart with the layers. On November 2, 2019, Hu Shiguang’s fashion women’s army “Silk VOGUE-SHE IS VOGUE” fashion show was held in Sanlitun, the most club cultural landmark in Beijing. Subsequently, the fashion night created by the designer Hu Sheguang and the Intercontinental Hotel in Sanlitun Tongying Center opened.
The event was hosted by Wuhan Hu Erye Culture Media Co., Ltd. and InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun Tongying Center. It was designed by Beijing Zhouxing Hairdressing Star Academy, StageOne, Hujing Studio, E-WEN SALON, Changyida and Leifeng Brand Design Agency. Co-organized.

The show is immersed in the atmosphere of Halloween, the black steel-wrapped architectural space, the dazzling light show with the DJ’s drums, the huge joint fingers hanging in the air, the English characters and code floating above the T-stage, the audience stepping into the show is immersed In the party time.

The long main screen extends out of the seven-color super-wide T-station, 300 ordinary Chinese women aged from 5 to 82 years old, and some wear super high-heeled boots over 20 cm, each of which is transformed into “super” “Model”, Hu Sheguang’s work once again shows “the beauty of no age.” Concise oriental curvaceous, unified black tone dress, seven-color super wide T-stage effect, each woman’s LOOK is like a fashion silhouette, in the backlight, the silhouette is dazzling and dazzling. Especially for the older women group, they are eager to live again and re-emerge in the new era. The folds on their faces are the best accessories for the years. They are sincere, hot, eager, inspiring…

Designer Hu Sheguang has always created an artistic silhouette with exaggerated patterns and curves. 300 sets of dresses are made in layers, lines and stitches in a unified black tone. The delicate makeup and elegant hat are cool and elegant. sense. This season, the rhythm of Disco music from the 1950s and 1960s influenced the work of designer Hu Sheguang celebrity dresses.

In terms of fashion release, Hu Sheguang is harsh. The beauty, lighting, makeup, accessories, interpretation, and curtain call are all presented in their ideal realm. This is the control that only experienced designers have.
On Hu’s T-stage, the Fashion Lady’s army is slim and slim, showing the beauty of the skin. Some of them are full of grace and grace, and they have a beautiful and long-lasting desire for childhood.

Lai Guanlin dressed in CLUB MONACO 2019 men’s and women’s collections in autumn and winter

He is the “son of the nation” in the draft, and the “year-old schoolmaster” who captured the hearts of all the girls. He is also a new generation of musicians who swept the awards at major awards ceremonies. From the major magazines to the major fashion weeks and fashion events, Lai Guanlin broke into everyone’s vision with a new face, and conquered everyone with his own fashion taste and musical strength.


In the August issue of the British music magazine “Q”, Lai Guanlin wore the CLUB MONCO 2019 autumn and winter series FULL BTTN KNIT STRP SHIRT beige striped shirt on the cover of the magazine. The beige color is matched with the brown plaid. The classic color scheme is full of gentleman’s atmosphere. The black button makes the simplicity without losing the characteristics. The exquisite details are self-evident. During the walk, the juvenile’s free and easy feelings come out celebrity dresses.
Lai Guanlin dressed in CLUB MONACO 2019 autumn and winter men’s collection FULL BTTN KNIT STRP SHIRT

In Barbershop, the vintage atmosphere shows the time texture, complementing the whole body and elegant, the clean and elegant color matching makes the vision unconsciously stretch, and the elegant attitude is invisible. Lai Guanlin leans on the piano side, and the melancholy eyes are full of gentle colors. The beige striped cuffs are matched with the black jacket, and the elegant and restrained temperament is all in sight. From the glimmering youth of the young, to the glamorous idol of the gentleman, CLUB MONACO outlines the growth with elegant style, and uses pure colors to render the pure color. For Lai Guanlin, the fantasy journey of this life has just begun, let us wait and see.


CLUB MONACO is an international fashion brand that specializes in the design and production of stylish and timeless men’s and women’s clothing. Since the opening of the first store in Toronto in 1985, CLUB MONACO has been praised by fashion Bole for its ingenious design, fashionable and easy-to-wear clothing, high-quality fabrics and excellent tailoring. CLUB MONACO is headquartered in the Chelsea District, a city of New York City. It has stores in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, including London, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau.