Wandering on the edge of the entertainment circle, you can search on the hot spot with a look, 41 years old without a middle-aged crisis?

The “Captain of China” released in the National Day file, have you seen it? This blockbuster film with the highest level of industrial production in China completely overturns the impression of the domestic film and gives us a new audiovisual experience. How much is it suffocating? Let Xiaobian come to introduce you~

Just watching the posters led to the movie that everyone expected, and the performances of Zhang Hanyu, Ou Hao, Du Jiang, Yuan Quan, Zhang Tianai, Li Wei and so on, truly restored the thrilling moment celebrity dresses .

This film, based on the real story of the “Chinese Civil Aviation Heroes”, once again brought back the audience’s thoughts back to the “life and death moment” of Sichuan Airlines’ 3U8633 flight at 10,000 meters.

In this year’s National Day’s top three competitions, “China Captain” was the least optimistic, and finally achieved a counterattack, in addition to the story told by the film itself to attract the audience, the outstanding performance of the actor also contributed To the supporting role, the performance is remarkable.

Especially Yuan Quan’s performance in the film is the most amazing. Many viewers watched the “Chinese Captain”, and they were all played by Yuan Quan. With a look of hot search, the 41-year-old can say that there is no middle-aged crisis at all, regardless of the screen on the screen is so intellectual and elegant.

The wonderful scene in the movie is like yesterday. In the film, she calmed down the passengers in a few words, and also reduced unnecessary interference for the aircraft to return to the ground.

Contrast around these young and outstanding young people, everyone will still be attracted by her quiet elegance. Even Huang Wei once commented on her: “Yuan Quan is one of the best actresses of this era.”

“Lang readers” please go to Yuan Quan, a white dress appeared on the stage, the two eyes are agile and bright, and the ancient poetry is ridiculous, and the temperament is beautiful. I also said: “I don’t have a sense of age crisis. When I use actors as a lifelong career, I hope I can always play.”

For more than 20 years, she has been wandering on the edge of the entertainment circle. She has not speculated, she has not been a variety show, she has never had a red carpet, and she has no gossip. Until the “My First Half Life” was broadcasted, her amazing acting attracted everyone’s attention. , Yuan Quan is so strong?

Yuan Quan belongs to someone who knows how to live. She knows what she wants and what she wants. When other female stars can’t get around the topic of “crisis,” Xiao Bian really feels that she has no middle-aged crisis.

After carefully reading her past, you will be surprised to find out how much she is unknown and how powerful she is. For the scene of the explosion that appeared in the movie, even the small series was touched.

She was also touched by the prize she had won. At the age of 11, Yuan Quan was accepted by the Chinese Opera Academy. In 1998, she was still in her sophomore year, and she starred in the first film of life, “The Madness of Spring.” In one fell swoop, she won the Golden Rooster Best Supporting Actress.

In 2000, he starred in “Blue Love” directed by Huo Jianqi, and won the best actress of the Beijing University Student Film Festival. Later, with Ni Ping’s “Beautiful Big Feet”, he won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress. Is it recognized as a acting school in the circle, is she the so-called master hidden in the world?

As an actor, no matter how many plays, even if it is just a play, as long as she is there, the characters that are out are accurate and fit, and this is in stark contrast with the actors who only care about hype and do not have any acting skills. Everyone admires.

As a fashion industry, Yuan Quan is also a low-key beauty. After all, people don’t rely on their values, they can talk, just stand there, don’t wear too high-profile, they can also show the big media cameras, a prada shoulder-shoulder top. White skirt, under a pair of high-heeled boots, the overall beauty exploded.

In addition to the performance of the show, in a road show of “China Captain”, Yuan Quan was on the hot search for “gentle”. The performance of other actors in this film is also very good, including the performance of the masses are also online.