The actress’s top atmosphere, with the acting “bend” fans, countless 46 years old and A!

Recently, Jin Ruiheng, who was on the “City of the Sky” fire, unveiled a group of photos of her shooting scene. She was strong in the photo, the queen’s temperament broke out, and she also retweeted 1.5w.

Earlier, her Korean drama “The City of the Sky” set off a climax in Korea. She played the big villain Jin Zhuying in the play, and she played countless “squeaky” fans. The 46-year-old can be said to be A and hey celebrity dresses!

In the play, Jin Zhuying’s sharp, cool and awkward character is tailor-made for Jin Ruiheng. With this school color, he has also embarked on the peak of his career. The shape of the big back can be said to be handsome and A.

However, in the 55th Baixiang Art Awards, “City of the Sky” is simply a “grand slam”, but Jin Ruiheng missed the award, which made many netizens feel doubtful. After all, her acting in the drama is a good one.

Following “The City of the Sky”, Jin Ruiheng took over the SBS new drama “Nobody Knows” and returned to the screen. It is reported that she played the solo star in the play, playing the team leader of the wide-area search team, almost imaginable and awkward. Golden police officer.

Recently, a group of pictures of the pictorial shooting scene was also announced. Immediately retweet 1.5W, Jin Ruiheng too A, the actress’s top atmosphere, not everyone can have it!

Wearing a black suit jacket, with the same color deep v undercoat, showing a delicate clavicle, with a gold necklace, sexy and sultry, who can think she is 46 years old!

The 46-year-old Jin Ruiheng is really handsome without a boy. The shooting pictorial is also a unique existence. The superimposed wearing of the shirt is lazy and casual. The prepared waistband outlines her waistline with natural white pearl earrings. The whole person is not allowed to be beautiful.

The neat short hair with a pair of cool black super sunglasses, looks like her invincible, superior jaw line, well-defined, easy-to-wear hairstyle, but also charming, even if it is a little makeup will look a lot.

Wearing an orange T-shirt to make a base, under the khaki straight cropped trousers, hands and pockets of the posture, the momentum is quite enough, and sure enough, summer is to wear bright colors, it seems that the sun is energetic, as if younger ten years old.

Jin Ruiheng can be said to be one of the actresses who have recently seen the most A, and they are very good at controlling the cold wind. They don’t need heavy makeup and gas blessing. They wear a leather long windbreaker with a well-careed short hair. Exposed to the slender goose neck handsome reveals a trace of sexy, really no good figure, can not control.

20,000 people punch card | “Shake in city good life festival” a feast in Jinan “explosion”

On September 13-14, the inCity Good Life Festival “Shake in Qilu X Erli Music Festival” was grandly opened in Jiu Rushan Scenic Area. Thousands of people danced in the lawn, and the sound of rock and roll revealed the urge to escape from the city. The colorful lights caused great comfort. This Mid-Autumn Festival is really different. The two banquets of the vocal coffee made the reunion become more and more. Under the carnival night, Jinan’s name is “Tide” celebrity dresses!

In just two days under the line, it attracted 20,000+ people. The total number of vibrato topics in “Shake in Qilu” exceeded 270 million times. The total reading volume of today’s headlines is as high as 110 million times! The concert collided with the carnival, and the popularity of the music made the music IP shine more and more. Let’s take a look at how the night here is detonated!

Chinese rock godfather – Zheng Yi, singing queen – Li Si Danni, pop singer music producer – crown, the strength of the idol force of the Hedgehog band, a new generation of music men’s team – GOLDENAGE, China’s new generation male singer Zhang Yangyang … all Debut, take turns to play CALL. The fusion of fashion and music, the release of fun and vitality, under the guidance of hot songs and spicy dances, let the swaying with the melody of music. Exploding a city, the All-Star lineup detonates the beauty of this night.

This year’s music festival was dedicated by the huge amount of engine Shandong branch and Shandong Radio and Television Music Station 991. The strong cooperation between the platforms made a great momentum for this concert. From the start-up stage to the opening time, it was full of joy. The eyeballs of the fans.

At the event, the songs of “Daydream Blue”, “Sound of Life”, “The Palm” of Zhenguan, “Naked” and “Elope” by the Hedgehog band triggered the live chorus and instantly evolved the scene. In the “large-scale K song scene” shaking in the city’s night is such a strength circle powder.

There are also 20 booths on site, with fun experience, cultural communication and food. In addition to the crowds of music scenes, many of the featured booths are also in front of the water. The exhibition areas with different characteristics make people forget to return, take pictures, and set up various hearts to create a kingdom full of vibrating.

Among them, Wenchuang products in the area of ​​Chaoyang have aroused the attention of many fans. The activity of “Card and Card Creation” has made the audience in front of the area.

From Xi’an to Chengdu, from Hangzhou to Suzhou, from Wuhan to Shenzhen, the Better Life Festival has already passed through many mainstream cities. The nation-wide carnival event is the annual heavyweight IP launched by In City. Shaking in Qilu is a concentrated display of Shandong’s good life. On September 15th, Qingdao will hold the second vibrating in the city of Shandong. The trend of life in Qingdao is about to begin.

The vibrato has made great achievements in the spread of urban brands. “Shake in City” has attracted the participation of all the people in the city. The exposure of online topics has reached nearly 5 billion times. In the future, with the short video, city and brand Will be better integrated into the user’s life.

Everyone has a reason to fall in love with Jinan, and there is always a story in you. In this carnival of city and music, every frame reveals the extraordinary of the city. In the vibrato, record a good life, shaking in Qilu, witnessing not the same Jinan.

The female star turns the pigeon eggs. Who is the god of diamond selection

In May, I heard the news that Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Colin Jost were engaged. With the mourning of a male netizen on the Internet.

It is reported that this is the seventh paragraph of Scarlett’s love, but also the third marriage ~

The two have been in love for two years and the marriage has not yet been announced celebrity dresses.

But to tell the truth, their love is still quite sweet. Colin Jost also said on the show a few days ago that she had been afraid of marriage before she knew Scarlett.

The widowed sister also said that Colin Joost is very different from the people she has contacted.

This is the third marriage of the widowed sister, probably the rhythm of finding true love~

Recently at the Comic-Con in San Diego International Comic Con, she has no intention of pointing to the oversized engagement diamond ring to let the netizens boil again.

According to foreign media reports, the ring has 11 carats and is worth about 400,000 US dollars (equivalent to RMB 2.75 million).

The brand is not to be underestimated. It is the brand Taffin created by the famous late designer Givenchy Hubert de Givenchy’s nephew James de Givenchy.

Taffin has always been good at mixing precious stones such as rare antique diamonds with unexpected materials such as steel and rubber, and is committed to finding a balance between French classical elegance and American modern bold taste. Each piece of custom jewelry is a unique art. Product.

Many European and American female stars will wear this brand of jewelry to the red carpet.

Check out the marriage of Scarlett Johansson, this time the ring is really more “luxury.”

Ryan Reynolds, the first husband of her husband, is now very famous and has countless fans.

When they first got married in 2008, they also took a low-key “civilian” route, with a diamond ring of 3 carats, about $100,000-200,000.

However, this marriage lasted only two years. In December 2010, the two divorced.

As for the reason for divorce…. Widowed sister once revealed that if two people are actors, they will have a great challenge to their relationship.

Later, in October 2012, the media exposed Scarlett and French journalist Romain Dauriac in Paris and New York. In November, the two opened their love.

Together, at the Venice Film Festival, Scarlett showed off the diamond ring. This ring is made up of three round diamonds. The base is in the shape of a vintage setting. It has a French style.

But after giving birth to her daughter Rose in September 2014, the marriage ended only two years later.

As one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, the third engagement of the widowed sister is still the perfect goddess in the minds of millions of boys. The years seem to have not left traces on her face, but rather make her more mature and charming.

To what extent is the fire? Even NBA star Kevin Durant has said that he is willing to drink Scarlett Johansson’s bath water…

Scarlett’s popularity and the Avengers Alliance can’t be separated. After joining Iron Man 2 in 2010, her career has completely taken off.

As the only woman among the six heroes of the first generation, “Widowed Sister” runs through the entire story line of Marvel.

In the hearts of fans, she is already a handsome superwoman who can be sweet and salty.

Not only that, but Scarlett also showed us more possibilities.

In “Lost in Tokyo” and “Girls with Pearl Earrings”, she is a young woman of literature and art, pure and beautiful.

The retro style in “Black Dahlia” is also remarkable.

This time, for the third engagement of the goddess, everyone still expressed great blessings.

Such things as feelings, as long as two people are together, give them wholeheartedly, cherish each other, and treat each part of the relationship earnestly, so that it is good to be innocent.

Wedding rings are a very important topic for every girl, and everyone will want to have a sparkling diamond embellishment at the most important moment in their lives.

Counting the fairy godmite who is engaged in this year’s entertainment circle, the diamond ring they chose is also very exciting.

Last month, Li Ronghao proposed to Yang Yulin on the 34th birthday.

This pillow-cut diamond is a classic from Harry Winston. Cut the diamond with a pillow and cut it with a long tapered cut. The main diamond is about two cards, worth more than 400,000 yuan.

In June, Hong Kong media reported that Lin Feng’s diamond ring was proposed for Zhang Xinyue. Because Zhang Xinyue’s birthday was September 18, all the diamond rings were exactly 9.18 carats.

The diamond ring of Tang Yizhen and Zhang Ruoqi is from the Bulgari Griffe series. The platinum is matched with shiny diamonds. It is simple and advanced, and the price is about 200,000 to 300,000.

Before Meng Meng Yao was proposed by He Yujun, the other party was also devoted to the heart, 99999 roses and 10 carats of diamond ring sincerity, no one can stop it ~ ring value is estimated to be several million.

Guo Biting and Xiangzuo’s diamond ring were also overheated. According to the “Flourhead”, this ring does not belong to any brand. The ring is given to him by a low-key designer in Hong Kong.

The diamond ring is weighing 5.03 carats and the English name “Jacky love Bea 2019” is engraved on the inside.

Seeing this, there must be a lot of sisters who feel itchy~ How to pick the diamond ring?

First we start with the 4C standard for diamonds.

The carat weight of a diamond is the size of the diamond, 1.00 ct equals 0.2 g, one carat equals 0.2 g, and the score is 100 points. Usually we say 50 points equals 0.50 carats.

Is the diamond really bigger, the better?

Because the carat weight of a diamond is closely related to the rarity and aesthetics of the diamond, the larger the diamond, the harder it is to buy and the better the brightness.

But everyday, after all, everyone is an ordinary person. In the case of limited funds, we still choose to suit ourselves. Wearing it in our hands will not be too exaggerated.

The diamond rings sold in the general market are all 30 points or more, which can reflect the brightness of the diamond and the effect will be better.

The color grade of the diamond is the color change of the GIA colorless to light yellow or light brown series.

They are divided into 23 consecutive color levels.

The closer to colorless, the better the quality of the diamond and the more transparent it is.

In general, it is okay to choose a diamond of level J or higher.

The clarity of a diamond is the visibility and ambiguity of the internal features of the diamond under a standard 10x magnifying glass. The higher the clarity level, the better the translucent quality.

There are 11 clarity grades, the left side is the inner and outer features of the diamond, and the right side is the obvious internal and external features.

The general brand only sells diamonds with a clarity of VS2 or higher, and the degree of diamonds cannot be recognized by the naked eye.

Cutting largely determines the quality of the diamond because it determines the degree of polishing, the degree of symmetry, and the degree of refraction of light.

Many brands here patent apply for unique cutting methods to demonstrate their skills.

In fact, cutting also requires a lot of skills, different cuts can show different luster~

At last! If the budget is not enough, there are some tips to share with everyone~

First of all, instead of buying a single diamond ring, we can choose a diamond ring composed of many small diamonds, which can achieve the same effect visually.

This is visually the same, but in fact the money will be saved by the majority!

Because diamonds have a premium of carats, as prices increase, prices will increase.

In addition, the shape of the diamond is also very important, the cutting of the special shape will look bigger than the round shape.

If you want the diamond to flash more, you can also put a small diamond around a not so large center stone, so that you can achieve the visual glare of a large diamond.

Of course, we can also work hard from the setting!

The way the diamonds are inlaid is very particular. If you want to make the diamonds bigger, then the arm must be slim!

The shape can be selected as the setting style of the twist arm, which will be more drilled than the straight arm.

Finally, find a suitable mosaic method~ The general claw setting can highlight the whole diamond, which is not only big but also looks more awkward.

Prong setting, church type, bag setting, card setting from top to bottom

Therefore, the choice of diamond ring must be carefully used ~ with it to decorate romantic love is the most suitable!

The weather is getting warmer, don’t hurry up and put on a vibrant hairstyle.

To say that this year’s variety show is still in the hands of Amy’s sister, I will definitely choose the “Amazing Life” with both hands. There is no overkill, and there are not many public opinion topics. Some are the real emotions of the star artists and some people pay attention to it. topic.

The true beauty of the literary girl in spring and summer is a wave of powder.

The spring and summer of the impression is the young shadow. Although she has achieved good results in her debut, she has not exposed herself excessively for the flow. Every time I see spring and summer, I feel that she has a sense of melancholy that she can’t tell. Both temperament and makeup have their own characteristics celebrity dresses.

In the era of ins wind and girlish fashion, literature and art seem to be the thing of the last century. However, the literary youth is not a popular lag. The temperament of spring and summer is also very representative. The girl who likes Wen Qingfeng can learn well. Oh.

Let’s take a look at the makeup. The makeup in spring and summer is soft in one word, the eye makeup is soft and soft, and the lip makeup is sweet and soft. All colors are faint, but they are weighty, not top-heavy, but at the same time natural.

In fact, this makeup is not only literary and art is very daily, in this year’s color is very colorful, it is rare to have such a refreshing makeup, for makeup novices, spring and summer makeup is also very informative.

The spring and summer eye makeup can be created with two practical color eyeshadows. First, use the light brown eyeshadow to make the whole eyelid base, so that the eye makeup has a natural transition.

Then use a micro-beaded eye shadow to light up in the middle of the eye, giving the eye makeup a distinct layering.

After applying a layer of eyelashes along a natural line, a literary eye makeup is completed, and Amy is recommended to match the bean paste powder or a light red-brown lipstick.

In spring and summer, the amount of hair is too high. I have heard the sound of the spring and summer haircuts in Tucao. In fact, this relatively fluffy Teddy hair style is not only highly recognizable, but also very small, and there is no shaving.

The lens close-up also has a distinctive beauty. In fact, this Teddy volume is not the first of its kind in spring and summer. It has been tried by many stars in the entertainment circle, and the effect is very good.

The Teddy volume seems complicated, but it is easy to operate. Before rolling the hair, you can use a moisturizing spray to moisturize the hair, because the hair can be more elastic and rolled up to look better.

Teddy’s roll should not be too eager to roll, first comb the hair out with a curling iron, and then start the inversion and eversion, let the hair curl naturally.

When rolling the outermost hair, the choice of hair must be less, the less the hair is added, the more lovely the curl is.

Finally, Liu Hai can’t forget, oh, a big arc, let the bangs feel fluffy.

Chinatown Market: We release a new T-Shirt almost every day.

Marketing, traffic, topics, spoofs… These are the words that surround the Newtown street brand Chinatown Market, so it is inevitable that people will be suspicious. Where is this brand?

Chinatown Market, the brand name is a “up-and-coming star” that extends from the piracy culture of Chinatown, and has a path of fame that is quite different from other emerging street brands. In less than three years, the name and its iconic Smiley Face have already invaded the vision of the entire trend. From T-Shirts, which spoofed Prada, Ralph Laurent, COMME des GARÇONS, etc., and Pleasures jointly launched the spoof IKEA shopping bag caps, and the lawn slippers with Crocs… Everything from Chinatown Market seems to be Not too “decent”, but every time I earned enough attention.

Taking simple and rude graphic design and spoofing elements as the entrance is a “customary trick” for street brands, and in addition to this trick for easier eye-catching, Chinatown Market is playing a more important role in online marketing. Good card. Remember the pair of Nike x Converse sneakers that LeBron James had on the NBA field last year? Joined the Nike Swoosh Logo on Converse’s classic Chuck 70, and later received a paper “infringement lawsuit” from the NBA official. It was raging on social media and was finally exposed as a “marketing” by Chinatown Market. Farce”

But these spoof designs at Chinatown Market are not entirely handy. In addition to how to introduce fun spoofs and Bootleg designs, the brand is constantly researching novel fabrics and printing textile technologies, as well as creative means such as inkjet guns and UV light to DIY T-Shirts and shoes.

Since its inception, Chinatown Market has always run through a spoofed entertaining spirit. This can’t help but be curious. Is Michael Cherman, the brand’s manager, privately so humorous? By the opportunity of the Chinatown Market to enter the YOHOOD 2019 trend carnival, NOWRE had a meeting with Michael. After talking about the laughter, I found out that this is indeed the case. However, in addition to the innate sense of entertainment, what we see in him is more clear idea of ​​brand positioning. After that, our understanding of the Chinatown Market (and Bootleg) seems to have added another layer…

Michael Cherman

Chinatown Market

“Listing for a half-day to buy a Supreme and then worshipping it, this is not what Chinatown Market thinks.”

Chinatown Market has only been established in less than three years, and now the results are quite crazy. What do you feel about yourself?

My previous personal brand, ICNY, can be said to be a learning process. It was the first time I built a brand and tried a lot of things I had never done before. With these experiences, I applied what I have learned to the Chinatown Market, so I am more comfortable. Since the establishment of this brand, I basically don’t go out to play, and I don’t participate in any party. I just keep working. But I enjoy this process very much, I think I may still insist on doing this for the rest of my life. I think this may be one of the reasons for success. I am just very focused on doing this.

Whether it is ICNY or your earlier work experience, it seems to be very different from what Chinatown Market is doing now. What is the difference between them?

Previously, ICNY did sportswear, mainly for running and cycling, and my role at Chinatown Market was more like a mobile graphic designer. I also provided ideas for many other brands. Whether it’s a crazy Puffer Jacket, a basketball, or a table tennis table… I can do anything as long as I think, and I can do ten things at a time, because the overall concept of the Chinatown Market brand is openness and creativity.

It has always been a matter of street branding to use Graphic T-Shirt and spoof elements to embody aesthetic taste. In such a similar direction, what do you think is different between your brand and other street brands?

I think that one of the big differences between us and other street brands is that we will show up whether it is failure or success. We record the whole process of brand operation. For example, most brands will only know the leader, but we are not. We will let everyone know how many people work together and how their respective divisions are. Another point is that we have always wanted to provide a platform for young creative talents to give them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Our brand attitude is very inclusive. For example, when you go to Supreme, you waited for a long time to buy a T-Shirt, and then worship it as a belief… This is not what we think. We hope to have interaction and dialogue with everyone, just like a friend. Everyone spends so much money on clothes, so why can’t the clothing brand be reversed and friendly, maybe even teach you something?

“To do Bootleg is not to make money. How to teach consumers to broaden their creativity and vision is the meaning of it.”

For a brand, relying on traffic and marketing to achieve higher consumption conversion rate does apply in the current era of the Internet, but it is also a very risky thing. Have you worried that the public will not buy it?

My attitude is that if you like it, you like it. If you don’t like it, you can buy other brands. I think people who know us will naturally understand our creativity and the way we work. Just like Bootleg, we don’t use this thing to make money. More is to encourage young consumers and tell them that you can do it. For example, we made the spoof Nike x Converse not to sell to make money, but really hope that consumers can understand that they can buy a pair of Converse and DIY themselves – teach consumers to broaden their creativity and Eyes, I think this is the meaning.

Although the Bootleg culture is very popular in the past two years, many people will question their value. What do you think is its value?

There are two types of Bootleg, one is to make a complete copy or fake, and the other is to create something that does not exist. For example, you can create a T-Shirt or a pair of shoes that a big clothing company will never produce. Like our Nike x Converse, those shoes will never exist on the market, and Nike will not make a pair of Converse (Logo) shoes, which I think is interesting. But if you want to make a fake Louis Vuitton bag, then it’s just a replica, it’s not cool.

However, the brand has also encountered some infringement problems so far. What do you think of this?

We don’t try to sell oil by selling Bootleg, so we don’t actually encounter problems that really touch the law. We just take this as fun to play. If you are making a lot of money through Bootleg in a very malicious way, you will definitely have a lot of trouble.

“In the past month, we have released a new T-Shirt almost every day.”

You have mentioned many times that Chinatown Market is a “built on speed” brand, but most people still think that a slow-working craftsmanship like a Japanese brand is a good design concept. Based on “built on speed” does it also mean to abandon what?

I think that as long as you are prepared, as long as you have a good infrastructure, you can do it. Chinatown Market has always wanted to provide value to consumers, we provide customers with the best quality T-Shirt at a favorable price. Our output is indeed very fast, but only because we have full creativity and a steady stream of new ideas. If I see the fabric I like, I have probably figured out what I want to do in a T-Shirt, a basketball or a jacket, then I will do it right away. If I can make these ideas appear in the warehouse and sell them within 15 to 20 days, why don’t I do this? But at the same time, I will never give up quality. For example, our basketball is very good. It is definitely not just a cheap rubber basketball.

Today’s social network is very speedy. One thing, one design, one brand or one nameless person may also become famous overnight in just a few minutes. Does “built on speed” have a similar meaning?

Social networks give us more room to be creative and react to some of the most important moments in popular culture. So if there is a major event or a news on a certain day, we can launch a brand new T-Shirt tomorrow. For example, the recent big red rapper Lil Nas X, you know that his song is red, Cowboy style has become popular, then I can make a similar western wind T-Shirt the next day, this is the reason. .

You have said that to some extent, it is very doubtful about the high-priced luxury brands. Nowadays, these brands are embracing the phenomenon of street culture. Do you think it confirms your previous statement?

Yes, I did say this. I just think that sometimes these brands are a bit too closed. I think it is a great pleasure for young people to participate in these products while they are enjoying them. I certainly think that luxury brands have some very interesting things, but I would rather buy Japanese handmade products because they are more comprehensive and well thought out, which is much better than buying a GUCCI bag because I think at least You know more about the story, but you never know what a story is in a GUCCI bag. Of course, I admit that these luxury brands have a long history of fashion houses, but you won’t know the process of creating a product. You will only see the amazing price tag on an item, but you won’t know what’s going on.

Now that you have a lot of co-branded cooperation, what brand is you will not cooperate?

I think it must be consistent with our ethical standards and goals. Maybe a big company like Wal-Mart will not want to cooperate. But I also believe that if your product can reach millions of people, especially the consumer groups that have never been exposed before, it is a good thing. So as long as the other party is the right company and there are sufficient reasons for cooperation, I will not resist it. I certainly hope that I can become a designer accepted by people all over the world.

Many times people are very afraid to show their creativity generously because they always want to behave coolly. But I think that “cool” can’t last forever. I think it’s even cooler to let people interact and interact with your creativity better. So if one day, I can build a big company and sell my goods to large chains all over the US and even overseas. I think this may mean that I am successful. But then again, even if it is just a small company, my creativity should not be limited to this.

Last but not least, is Chinatown Market considering a seasonal celebrity dresses line?

When we want to work with large retail stores like Lane Crawford and Urban Outfitters, we naturally have to launch products on a quarterly basis. But I don’t think this will affect our ability to produce new products. In the past month, we have released a new T-Shirt almost every day, which I think reflects our infinite creativity and imagination.

Unlike other brand owners, Michael Cherman’s role in Chinatown Market is more like an autocratic graphic designer who brings the entire industry chain and expresses his ideas while earning earned a lot.

Despite the numerous controversies surrounding the Bootleg culture, there are also questions about the high commercial operation of a T-Shirt almost every day. But as Michael said, you can’t take care of everyone… In addition, the growing momentum of Chinatown Market is enough to prove its existence, at least in this era.

Conversely thinking, a T-Shirt every day is actually not an easy task, right?

Top 10 classic lies in the fashion circle

The significance of some good faith lies is that

Let us get a short psychological pleasure.

But what exactly is a true good lie?

It varies from person to person.

What we can do is try to find out the truth~

Following the theme of the article in the top 10 classic lie of last week’s fashion circle (on),

Let’s take a look at the remaining five classic lies.

NO.6 gathered underwear



There are still many women who pursue proud measurements.

Fear of the role of gravity,

The key word for searching when buying underwear is still – gathering.

This 3/4 cup type,

Mostly with uncomfortable lace and steel rims,

The underwear is also inserted with a sponge pad on the side.

Really let you wear confidence,

Have you won the peak of your career?

It is difficult for us to have a definitive answer.

But what is certain is that gathering underwear is a fixed standard.

The shackles of Chinese women.

I am not beautiful, and my career is smart and strong.

Is life happy?

There is no necessary connection with the size of the bust.

So, put away the so-called “inferiority”~

We should pay more attention to the health and comfort of the chest.

NO.7 pencil pants wear “small bird legs”


Every woman’s wardrobe will have at least one black pencil pants.

Because it is black,

The design is simple and can be called the wild sacred product of all seasons.

We even dreamed of relying on it to wear slender bird legs.

It seems to lose 10 kilograms at once.

Trust me,

The pencil pants that tightly wrap your legs will only expose your legs.

If it looks slim, just you are really thin~

There is no necessary connection with the pants themselves.

If there is any body defect in the leg,

Not suitable for wearing outside the pencil pants.

Change to a straight trouser with a strong drape,

Tapered pants and wide-leg pants are more suitable.

NO.8 clothes tens of millions, only the new best look


It’s our instinct to be happy and new.

This is especially true for good things.

Not the most beautiful, only more beautiful.

A cupboard of clothes, only the new one looks best.


Because for so many years, we still have not produced such a torch,

I don’t know which one is

I can really accompany my heart and love.

So keep collecting,

Do not let go of the possibility of a trace.

Stop it!

Think about what you really need, what you really love,

Carefully selected,

Spend 10 pieces of clothes to buy a piece of clothing.

Your wardrobe is a classic.

And you won’t be advertised again.

“The clothes are tens of millions, only the new ones are the best.”

Because the best clothes are already the “old clothes” that are always worn on the body~

NO.9 oversize Tibetan meat was thin


We really like to hide our shortcomings carefully.

Arms with meat should not wear sleeveless as much as possible.

The body is full and wide,

It seems that only a hidden undersized jacket will retain a sense of security.

But the truth is,

The more you wear oversize, the more relaxed you are, the less it is.

The boring suppression of his own package has no bright spots.

please believe,

Oversize moderate exogenous feeling is prepared for thin people.

If the body is full,

The choice of fabric has a draped fit and more meat.

NO.10 high waist line, wearing long legs


We often say: a small man must hold the waistline.

A moderately high waistline can indeed lengthen the proportion of the legs.

But the too high waistline effect is the opposite.

Waist over the thinnest position of the waist:

For example, the waistline is below the chest line,

The combination of the waist and the ribs is very picky~

If you are not careful, you will wear a chicken rib.

Even the shoulder is narrow and the scale is out of balance ▼▼▼

  • Editing words –

Sometimes the lies are beautiful and people get a moment of pleasure.

The truth never deceives us,

It may not be the answer that is hoped for.

If it is you, would you choose which one to trust?

Welcome to leave a message and discuss celebrity dresses with us~