Top 10 classic lies in the fashion circle

The significance of some good faith lies is that

Let us get a short psychological pleasure.

But what exactly is a true good lie?

It varies from person to person.

What we can do is try to find out the truth~

Following the theme of the article in the top 10 classic lie of last week’s fashion circle (on),

Let’s take a look at the remaining five classic lies.

NO.6 gathered underwear



There are still many women who pursue proud measurements.

Fear of the role of gravity,

The key word for searching when buying underwear is still – gathering.

This 3/4 cup type,

Mostly with uncomfortable lace and steel rims,

The underwear is also inserted with a sponge pad on the side.

Really let you wear confidence,

Have you won the peak of your career?

It is difficult for us to have a definitive answer.

But what is certain is that gathering underwear is a fixed standard.

The shackles of Chinese women.

I am not beautiful, and my career is smart and strong.

Is life happy?

There is no necessary connection with the size of the bust.

So, put away the so-called “inferiority”~

We should pay more attention to the health and comfort of the chest.

NO.7 pencil pants wear “small bird legs”


Every woman’s wardrobe will have at least one black pencil pants.

Because it is black,

The design is simple and can be called the wild sacred product of all seasons.

We even dreamed of relying on it to wear slender bird legs.

It seems to lose 10 kilograms at once.

Trust me,

The pencil pants that tightly wrap your legs will only expose your legs.

If it looks slim, just you are really thin~

There is no necessary connection with the pants themselves.

If there is any body defect in the leg,

Not suitable for wearing outside the pencil pants.

Change to a straight trouser with a strong drape,

Tapered pants and wide-leg pants are more suitable.

NO.8 clothes tens of millions, only the new best look


It’s our instinct to be happy and new.

This is especially true for good things.

Not the most beautiful, only more beautiful.

A cupboard of clothes, only the new one looks best.


Because for so many years, we still have not produced such a torch,

I don’t know which one is

I can really accompany my heart and love.

So keep collecting,

Do not let go of the possibility of a trace.

Stop it!

Think about what you really need, what you really love,

Carefully selected,

Spend 10 pieces of clothes to buy a piece of clothing.

Your wardrobe is a classic.

And you won’t be advertised again.

“The clothes are tens of millions, only the new ones are the best.”

Because the best clothes are already the “old clothes” that are always worn on the body~

NO.9 oversize Tibetan meat was thin


We really like to hide our shortcomings carefully.

Arms with meat should not wear sleeveless as much as possible.

The body is full and wide,

It seems that only a hidden undersized jacket will retain a sense of security.

But the truth is,

The more you wear oversize, the more relaxed you are, the less it is.

The boring suppression of his own package has no bright spots.

please believe,

Oversize moderate exogenous feeling is prepared for thin people.

If the body is full,

The choice of fabric has a draped fit and more meat.

NO.10 high waist line, wearing long legs


We often say: a small man must hold the waistline.

A moderately high waistline can indeed lengthen the proportion of the legs.

But the too high waistline effect is the opposite.

Waist over the thinnest position of the waist:

For example, the waistline is below the chest line,

The combination of the waist and the ribs is very picky~

If you are not careful, you will wear a chicken rib.

Even the shoulder is narrow and the scale is out of balance ▼▼▼

  • Editing words –

Sometimes the lies are beautiful and people get a moment of pleasure.

The truth never deceives us,

It may not be the answer that is hoped for.

If it is you, would you choose which one to trust?

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