The actress’s top atmosphere, with the acting “bend” fans, countless 46 years old and A!

Recently, Jin Ruiheng, who was on the “City of the Sky” fire, unveiled a group of photos of her shooting scene. She was strong in the photo, the queen’s temperament broke out, and she also retweeted 1.5w. Earlier, her Korean drama “The City of the Sky” set off a climax in Korea. She played the […]

20,000 people punch card | “Shake in city good life festival” a feast in Jinan “explosion”

On September 13-14, the inCity Good Life Festival “Shake in Qilu X Erli Music Festival” was grandly opened in Jiu Rushan Scenic Area. Thousands of people danced in the lawn, and the sound of rock and roll revealed the urge to escape from the city. The colorful lights caused great comfort. This Mid-Autumn Festival is […]

The female star turns the pigeon eggs. Who is the god of diamond selection

In May, I heard the news that Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Colin Jost were engaged. With the mourning of a male netizen on the Internet. It is reported that this is the seventh paragraph of Scarlett’s love, but also the third marriage ~ The two have been in love for two years and the […]

The weather is getting warmer, don’t hurry up and put on a vibrant hairstyle.

To say that this year’s variety show is still in the hands of Amy’s sister, I will definitely choose the “Amazing Life” with both hands. There is no overkill, and there are not many public opinion topics. Some are the real emotions of the star artists and some people pay attention to it. topic. The […]

Chinatown Market: We release a new T-Shirt almost every day.

Marketing, traffic, topics, spoofs… These are the words that surround the Newtown street brand Chinatown Market, so it is inevitable that people will be suspicious. Where is this brand? Chinatown Market, the brand name is a “up-and-coming star” that extends from the piracy culture of Chinatown, and has a path of fame that is quite […]