The weather is getting warmer, don’t hurry up and put on a vibrant hairstyle.

To say that this year’s variety show is still in the hands of Amy’s sister, I will definitely choose the “Amazing Life” with both hands. There is no overkill, and there are not many public opinion topics. Some are the real emotions of the star artists and some people pay attention to it. topic.

The true beauty of the literary girl in spring and summer is a wave of powder.

The spring and summer of the impression is the young shadow. Although she has achieved good results in her debut, she has not exposed herself excessively for the flow. Every time I see spring and summer, I feel that she has a sense of melancholy that she can’t tell. Both temperament and makeup have their own characteristics celebrity dresses.

In the era of ins wind and girlish fashion, literature and art seem to be the thing of the last century. However, the literary youth is not a popular lag. The temperament of spring and summer is also very representative. The girl who likes Wen Qingfeng can learn well. Oh.

Let’s take a look at the makeup. The makeup in spring and summer is soft in one word, the eye makeup is soft and soft, and the lip makeup is sweet and soft. All colors are faint, but they are weighty, not top-heavy, but at the same time natural.

In fact, this makeup is not only literary and art is very daily, in this year’s color is very colorful, it is rare to have such a refreshing makeup, for makeup novices, spring and summer makeup is also very informative.

The spring and summer eye makeup can be created with two practical color eyeshadows. First, use the light brown eyeshadow to make the whole eyelid base, so that the eye makeup has a natural transition.

Then use a micro-beaded eye shadow to light up in the middle of the eye, giving the eye makeup a distinct layering.

After applying a layer of eyelashes along a natural line, a literary eye makeup is completed, and Amy is recommended to match the bean paste powder or a light red-brown lipstick.

In spring and summer, the amount of hair is too high. I have heard the sound of the spring and summer haircuts in Tucao. In fact, this relatively fluffy Teddy hair style is not only highly recognizable, but also very small, and there is no shaving.

The lens close-up also has a distinctive beauty. In fact, this Teddy volume is not the first of its kind in spring and summer. It has been tried by many stars in the entertainment circle, and the effect is very good.

The Teddy volume seems complicated, but it is easy to operate. Before rolling the hair, you can use a moisturizing spray to moisturize the hair, because the hair can be more elastic and rolled up to look better.

Teddy’s roll should not be too eager to roll, first comb the hair out with a curling iron, and then start the inversion and eversion, let the hair curl naturally.

When rolling the outermost hair, the choice of hair must be less, the less the hair is added, the more lovely the curl is.

Finally, Liu Hai can’t forget, oh, a big arc, let the bangs feel fluffy.

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