The female star turns the pigeon eggs. Who is the god of diamond selection

In May, I heard the news that Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend Colin Jost were engaged. With the mourning of a male netizen on the Internet.

It is reported that this is the seventh paragraph of Scarlett’s love, but also the third marriage ~

The two have been in love for two years and the marriage has not yet been announced celebrity dresses.

But to tell the truth, their love is still quite sweet. Colin Jost also said on the show a few days ago that she had been afraid of marriage before she knew Scarlett.

The widowed sister also said that Colin Joost is very different from the people she has contacted.

This is the third marriage of the widowed sister, probably the rhythm of finding true love~

Recently at the Comic-Con in San Diego International Comic Con, she has no intention of pointing to the oversized engagement diamond ring to let the netizens boil again.

According to foreign media reports, the ring has 11 carats and is worth about 400,000 US dollars (equivalent to RMB 2.75 million).

The brand is not to be underestimated. It is the brand Taffin created by the famous late designer Givenchy Hubert de Givenchy’s nephew James de Givenchy.

Taffin has always been good at mixing precious stones such as rare antique diamonds with unexpected materials such as steel and rubber, and is committed to finding a balance between French classical elegance and American modern bold taste. Each piece of custom jewelry is a unique art. Product.

Many European and American female stars will wear this brand of jewelry to the red carpet.

Check out the marriage of Scarlett Johansson, this time the ring is really more “luxury.”

Ryan Reynolds, the first husband of her husband, is now very famous and has countless fans.

When they first got married in 2008, they also took a low-key “civilian” route, with a diamond ring of 3 carats, about $100,000-200,000.

However, this marriage lasted only two years. In December 2010, the two divorced.

As for the reason for divorce…. Widowed sister once revealed that if two people are actors, they will have a great challenge to their relationship.

Later, in October 2012, the media exposed Scarlett and French journalist Romain Dauriac in Paris and New York. In November, the two opened their love.

Together, at the Venice Film Festival, Scarlett showed off the diamond ring. This ring is made up of three round diamonds. The base is in the shape of a vintage setting. It has a French style.

But after giving birth to her daughter Rose in September 2014, the marriage ended only two years later.

As one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses, the third engagement of the widowed sister is still the perfect goddess in the minds of millions of boys. The years seem to have not left traces on her face, but rather make her more mature and charming.

To what extent is the fire? Even NBA star Kevin Durant has said that he is willing to drink Scarlett Johansson’s bath water…

Scarlett’s popularity and the Avengers Alliance can’t be separated. After joining Iron Man 2 in 2010, her career has completely taken off.

As the only woman among the six heroes of the first generation, “Widowed Sister” runs through the entire story line of Marvel.

In the hearts of fans, she is already a handsome superwoman who can be sweet and salty.

Not only that, but Scarlett also showed us more possibilities.

In “Lost in Tokyo” and “Girls with Pearl Earrings”, she is a young woman of literature and art, pure and beautiful.

The retro style in “Black Dahlia” is also remarkable.

This time, for the third engagement of the goddess, everyone still expressed great blessings.

Such things as feelings, as long as two people are together, give them wholeheartedly, cherish each other, and treat each part of the relationship earnestly, so that it is good to be innocent.

Wedding rings are a very important topic for every girl, and everyone will want to have a sparkling diamond embellishment at the most important moment in their lives.

Counting the fairy godmite who is engaged in this year’s entertainment circle, the diamond ring they chose is also very exciting.

Last month, Li Ronghao proposed to Yang Yulin on the 34th birthday.

This pillow-cut diamond is a classic from Harry Winston. Cut the diamond with a pillow and cut it with a long tapered cut. The main diamond is about two cards, worth more than 400,000 yuan.

In June, Hong Kong media reported that Lin Feng’s diamond ring was proposed for Zhang Xinyue. Because Zhang Xinyue’s birthday was September 18, all the diamond rings were exactly 9.18 carats.

The diamond ring of Tang Yizhen and Zhang Ruoqi is from the Bulgari Griffe series. The platinum is matched with shiny diamonds. It is simple and advanced, and the price is about 200,000 to 300,000.

Before Meng Meng Yao was proposed by He Yujun, the other party was also devoted to the heart, 99999 roses and 10 carats of diamond ring sincerity, no one can stop it ~ ring value is estimated to be several million.

Guo Biting and Xiangzuo’s diamond ring were also overheated. According to the “Flourhead”, this ring does not belong to any brand. The ring is given to him by a low-key designer in Hong Kong.

The diamond ring is weighing 5.03 carats and the English name “Jacky love Bea 2019” is engraved on the inside.

Seeing this, there must be a lot of sisters who feel itchy~ How to pick the diamond ring?

First we start with the 4C standard for diamonds.

The carat weight of a diamond is the size of the diamond, 1.00 ct equals 0.2 g, one carat equals 0.2 g, and the score is 100 points. Usually we say 50 points equals 0.50 carats.

Is the diamond really bigger, the better?

Because the carat weight of a diamond is closely related to the rarity and aesthetics of the diamond, the larger the diamond, the harder it is to buy and the better the brightness.

But everyday, after all, everyone is an ordinary person. In the case of limited funds, we still choose to suit ourselves. Wearing it in our hands will not be too exaggerated.

The diamond rings sold in the general market are all 30 points or more, which can reflect the brightness of the diamond and the effect will be better.

The color grade of the diamond is the color change of the GIA colorless to light yellow or light brown series.

They are divided into 23 consecutive color levels.

The closer to colorless, the better the quality of the diamond and the more transparent it is.

In general, it is okay to choose a diamond of level J or higher.

The clarity of a diamond is the visibility and ambiguity of the internal features of the diamond under a standard 10x magnifying glass. The higher the clarity level, the better the translucent quality.

There are 11 clarity grades, the left side is the inner and outer features of the diamond, and the right side is the obvious internal and external features.

The general brand only sells diamonds with a clarity of VS2 or higher, and the degree of diamonds cannot be recognized by the naked eye.

Cutting largely determines the quality of the diamond because it determines the degree of polishing, the degree of symmetry, and the degree of refraction of light.

Many brands here patent apply for unique cutting methods to demonstrate their skills.

In fact, cutting also requires a lot of skills, different cuts can show different luster~

At last! If the budget is not enough, there are some tips to share with everyone~

First of all, instead of buying a single diamond ring, we can choose a diamond ring composed of many small diamonds, which can achieve the same effect visually.

This is visually the same, but in fact the money will be saved by the majority!

Because diamonds have a premium of carats, as prices increase, prices will increase.

In addition, the shape of the diamond is also very important, the cutting of the special shape will look bigger than the round shape.

If you want the diamond to flash more, you can also put a small diamond around a not so large center stone, so that you can achieve the visual glare of a large diamond.

Of course, we can also work hard from the setting!

The way the diamonds are inlaid is very particular. If you want to make the diamonds bigger, then the arm must be slim!

The shape can be selected as the setting style of the twist arm, which will be more drilled than the straight arm.

Finally, find a suitable mosaic method~ The general claw setting can highlight the whole diamond, which is not only big but also looks more awkward.

Prong setting, church type, bag setting, card setting from top to bottom

Therefore, the choice of diamond ring must be carefully used ~ with it to decorate romantic love is the most suitable!

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