Yue Xiaolin’s 10th Anniversary Launching Ceremony “YES!10.0” was a complete success

The scene attracted hundreds of fashionistas and industry pioneers to attend and participate in the event, and the live broadcast platforms such as Youku Live and Live Broadcast simultaneously watched up to 10 million online traffic. This big show LIN MAKEUP appears in the public view with a new attitude. Each model is in the […]

Year-end skiing plan | Complete the 2019 list in the snowy snow!

The excitement of the National Day has not yet gone, many small partners are already planning the trip of the ski season. After all, in the hearts of our southerners, in the winter, I saw a big snow in the snow country fairyland, and happy to slide down to the next year, only to complete […]

How to match the denim jacket, the wider the autumn and winter, the better.

How to match a denim jacket? If you want to become a fashionista, you don’t have to buy big-name clothing. The denim jacket is more suitable for matching. It can also make your wear full of personality. Here are a few recommended. Very stylish denim jacket with matching skills. Denim jacket, when paired with a […]

“Chinese fashion pioneer” Li Guanyi founded FASHIONOMY fashion industry anniversary party successfully concluded

On October 15th, the “FASHIONOMY Fashion Circle”, the world-wide eco-fashion platform of the East and West Global Creative Group, created the “First Anniversary Fashion Party” to open on the Shanghai Bund. This party is located at No. 3 on the Bund. It is one of the core buildings of the Shanghai Bund complex. It has […]

Copy supermodel face! Come to Kangkang 2020 are popular makeup?

As a major event in the fashion world, Fashion Week always attracts fashion trends. In addition to the new styles launched by major brands every season, the makeup of the model on the T stage is also a fashionable wind vane worthy of attention. Even if you are not a supermodel face, but you have […]

It’s too easy to ride a small suit that everyone loves to wear.

This autumn is particularly cool. In this season of wearing less cold and wearing more boring, have you started your world war with your mother because of dressing? But if you want to ask me what this autumn warm fashion renewal item is, I will definitely say a suit. This kind of golden temperature, you […]

After all, investing in the “print queen” Mary Katrantzou returns to Greece to pay tribute to the inheritance

Yu Holdings’ senior haute couture brand Mary Katrantzou 2020 Spring/Summer collection released at the Temple of Poseidon in Greece In October 2019, Yu Kat Investmentz’s haute couture designer Mary Katrantzou released his 2020 Spring/Summer collection “Wisdom Begins in Wonder” in Greece’s world-famous Poseidon Temple glory, to the history, legend and culture of his native Greece. […]

One flower and one world, look at the “light flower man dance” in the pot of the hourglass

Literary girls watch movies to see the most romantic love movies; travel to Lavender’s vast expanse of Provence; afternoon tea to eat cream mousse pig girl; dress to wear Mori women’s sweater dress; they are exquisitely lively synonym”. The literary girl who pursues the sense of life ritual is also very particular about drinking tea. […]

On October 26th, the Ranger Music Festival has a lot of fun, except for Jike Yiyi.

The e-sports Ranger Music Festival will be reopened on October 26, 2019, to weave a grand carnival of animation, e-sports, music and trends for animation games and music lovers. Tickets for the festival are now on sale, paying attention to the official micro-signal of the Ranger Festival celebrity dresses. The stage performance of the Ranger […]

Wandering on the edge of the entertainment circle, you can search on the hot spot with a look, 41 years old without a middle-aged crisis?

The “Captain of China” released in the National Day file, have you seen it? This blockbuster film with the highest level of industrial production in China completely overturns the impression of the domestic film and gives us a new audiovisual experience. How much is it suffocating? Let Xiaobian come to introduce you~ Just watching the […]