A beauty blogger with a value of 10 million, the tubing video playback volume is 1.8 billion!

At the age of 20, I have 16 million fans. I am good at all kinds of “special effects” makeup. I also cooperate with Kardashian. Which beauty bloggers do you usually pay attention to? Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce James Charles, the most popular fan of Youtube beauty bloggers. He has just turned 20 this […]

Fashion Bazaar will release the star e-newsletter special issue. Join hands with Zhang Yixing as a charity

2019 Fashion Bazaar Star Charity Night will be held on November 16th. This year’s BAZAAR Star Charity Night, with the theme of “Meditation of the Future and Charity Peers”, continues to promote the “Bazaar After School One Hour” aesthetic education project initiated by Fashion Bazaar in 2018, focusing on the rural boarding primary school and […]

Another artist dragged by YG? Known as “Monster Newcomer”, she relies on wearing to keep fans!

Recently, YG released the return poster of singer Li Yiyi, whose poster reads “coming soon”. Her strong eyes and more mature style make people curious about the concept of this new album, which makes fans have a strong expectation. This singer, who has been hiding in YG for 3 years, is finally going to return! […]

Wei fat girl dressing illustrations What kind of windbreaker is the little fat girl?

It is said that every three thousand pounds of fat in the festive season, this is not, just after Halloween, I will personally demonstrate what is called the festival! Therefore, the big brothers are now showing their feelings. In this issue of “Miniature Girl Dressing Illustrations”, if you see my overflowing autumn, please do not […]

After reading the CHANEL DIOR PRADA worn by the ladies, I am sour.

The last second is still screaming “indulge in the holiday, unwilling to go to work”, the back foot is sour CHANEL, DIOR, PRADA for the “celebrity” holiday series. The holiday wind in your impression = bohemian dress + wide straw hat + sunglasses? After seeing the wealthy luxury goods, I feel that I am too […]

Hu Sheguang’s “Silk VOGUE-SHE IS VOGUE” fashion show was held in Beijing

If you compare Guanxiu to wine tasting, Hu Xianguang’s show is definitely a cocktail with dry cracks to open the taste buds, soft back to the sweet, and touch the heart with the layers. On November 2, 2019, Hu Shiguang’s fashion women’s army “Silk VOGUE-SHE IS VOGUE” fashion show was held in Sanlitun, the most […]

Lai Guanlin dressed in CLUB MONACO 2019 men’s and women’s collections in autumn and winter

He is the “son of the nation” in the draft, and the “year-old schoolmaster” who captured the hearts of all the girls. He is also a new generation of musicians who swept the awards at major awards ceremonies. From the major magazines to the major fashion weeks and fashion events, Lai Guanlin broke into everyone’s […]