Leading women’s cool attitude, Belle brand upgrade and release new LOGO

In a rapidly developing social environment, Chinese women’s social roles and lifestyles are changing with each passing day. They are subverting and creating a new and richer aesthetic thinking. Belle, the industry benchmark brand, is the first to realize the new pursuit of “beauty” by women behind this phenomenon: eager to have a personality posture that changes with the heart. Therefore, Belle actively responds to women’s demands and meets consumers with a new look –

On November 1st, the Belle brand upgrade limited time experience museum COOLEGANCE CLUB airborne Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi Yiwen Square, opened the curtain for the Belle brand upgrade celebrity dresses.

Belle brand rejuvenation

The Belle brand’s new upgrade is first reflected in the overall improvement of visual effects. Not only is the brand LOGO fully upgraded, but the brand new logo is the first appearance. Belle will be full of mysterious black as the main color, giving it a rich sense of vitality, personality and full design. The strong visual effect not only creates a deep memory point for consumers, but also is a sensory extension of the “cool attitude”, which highlights the brand new style of Belle.

Belle has sublimated “COOL” and “ELEGANCE” to discover a new aesthetic definition – “COOLEGANCE”. Cool ya is the unique personality aesthetic of Belle, and it is also an advanced and emotional understanding of the understanding of “everything, so beautiful.”

Belle Time Limit Experience Hall Creates a new realm of “cool ya”

The Belle brand upgrade limited-time experience hall unveiled on November 1st, in addition to creating an immersive visual space that looks like a shoe box, also includes three cool and elegant interactive spaces, which stimulates consumers to punch cards through scene interaction points, and attracts consumers with the trend. Understand the new season products, successfully plant grass drainage lines, and achieve a one-stop perfect closed-loop experience.

On the day of the launching ceremony, Ma Sichun, the spokesperson of the Belle brand, came to the scene as the “Chief Cool Experience User” of Belle, and started the installation together with the top executives of Belle, lighting up the venue and welcoming the highlights of the brand. In addition, Ma Sichun is playing on the scene to experience the interactive challenges in the pavilion. In this novel and interesting way, he is the first to enter the “cool era”:

In the “attitude revolution” space, shoot cool ya movies, express individual attitudes; complete the “cool ya test” in the “style experiment” space, and explore the fascinating and elegant charm; in the “free transformation” space, intuitively feel the Belle cool products, The personalized photo wall is fixed in front of the wall!

After completing the series of “cool ya upgrade” challenges, you can get the corresponding “cool ya equipment” reward at the space exchange station, and finally realize the cool evolution, and open a new cool journey with Belle.

In response to the brand rejuvenation, Hu Bing, general manager of Belle brand said: ”Belle has always been the ‘self-restraint, more insistent on changing oneself’, brand VI upgrade is just the beginning of a new journey, supporting the design and production of the brand Manufacturing, retail services and other aspects are iteratively upgraded in all directions. The exploration and change of Belle is still going on. In the future, we will work hard together. ”

Belle’s brand rejuvenation is not only an upgrade of ideas, logos and designs, but also an all-round omni-directional upgrade that caters to the needs of the times.

Throughout the history of brand development, as the leading enterprise in the industry, Belle’s upgrade action is an inevitable choice to adapt to the times, to embrace the initial expression of change, and to seek self-innovation. What kind of surprises will the new upgraded Belle future bring to consumers? let us wait and see!

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