Lai Guanlin dressed in CLUB MONACO 2019 men’s and women’s collections in autumn and winter

He is the “son of the nation” in the draft, and the “year-old schoolmaster” who captured the hearts of all the girls. He is also a new generation of musicians who swept the awards at major awards ceremonies. From the major magazines to the major fashion weeks and fashion events, Lai Guanlin broke into everyone’s vision with a new face, and conquered everyone with his own fashion taste and musical strength.


In the August issue of the British music magazine “Q”, Lai Guanlin wore the CLUB MONCO 2019 autumn and winter series FULL BTTN KNIT STRP SHIRT beige striped shirt on the cover of the magazine. The beige color is matched with the brown plaid. The classic color scheme is full of gentleman’s atmosphere. The black button makes the simplicity without losing the characteristics. The exquisite details are self-evident. During the walk, the juvenile’s free and easy feelings come out celebrity dresses.
Lai Guanlin dressed in CLUB MONACO 2019 autumn and winter men’s collection FULL BTTN KNIT STRP SHIRT

In Barbershop, the vintage atmosphere shows the time texture, complementing the whole body and elegant, the clean and elegant color matching makes the vision unconsciously stretch, and the elegant attitude is invisible. Lai Guanlin leans on the piano side, and the melancholy eyes are full of gentle colors. The beige striped cuffs are matched with the black jacket, and the elegant and restrained temperament is all in sight. From the glimmering youth of the young, to the glamorous idol of the gentleman, CLUB MONACO outlines the growth with elegant style, and uses pure colors to render the pure color. For Lai Guanlin, the fantasy journey of this life has just begun, let us wait and see.


CLUB MONACO is an international fashion brand that specializes in the design and production of stylish and timeless men’s and women’s clothing. Since the opening of the first store in Toronto in 1985, CLUB MONACO has been praised by fashion Bole for its ingenious design, fashionable and easy-to-wear clothing, high-quality fabrics and excellent tailoring. CLUB MONACO is headquartered in the Chelsea District, a city of New York City. It has stores in the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, including London, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau.

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