Hu Sheguang’s “Silk VOGUE-SHE IS VOGUE” fashion show was held in Beijing

If you compare Guanxiu to wine tasting, Hu Xianguang’s show is definitely a cocktail with dry cracks to open the taste buds, soft back to the sweet, and touch the heart with the layers. On November 2, 2019, Hu Shiguang’s fashion women’s army “Silk VOGUE-SHE IS VOGUE” fashion show was held in Sanlitun, the most club cultural landmark in Beijing. Subsequently, the fashion night created by the designer Hu Sheguang and the Intercontinental Hotel in Sanlitun Tongying Center opened.
The event was hosted by Wuhan Hu Erye Culture Media Co., Ltd. and InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun Tongying Center. It was designed by Beijing Zhouxing Hairdressing Star Academy, StageOne, Hujing Studio, E-WEN SALON, Changyida and Leifeng Brand Design Agency. Co-organized.

The show is immersed in the atmosphere of Halloween, the black steel-wrapped architectural space, the dazzling light show with the DJ’s drums, the huge joint fingers hanging in the air, the English characters and code floating above the T-stage, the audience stepping into the show is immersed In the party time.

The long main screen extends out of the seven-color super-wide T-station, 300 ordinary Chinese women aged from 5 to 82 years old, and some wear super high-heeled boots over 20 cm, each of which is transformed into “super” “Model”, Hu Sheguang’s work once again shows “the beauty of no age.” Concise oriental curvaceous, unified black tone dress, seven-color super wide T-stage effect, each woman’s LOOK is like a fashion silhouette, in the backlight, the silhouette is dazzling and dazzling. Especially for the older women group, they are eager to live again and re-emerge in the new era. The folds on their faces are the best accessories for the years. They are sincere, hot, eager, inspiring…

Designer Hu Sheguang has always created an artistic silhouette with exaggerated patterns and curves. 300 sets of dresses are made in layers, lines and stitches in a unified black tone. The delicate makeup and elegant hat are cool and elegant. sense. This season, the rhythm of Disco music from the 1950s and 1960s influenced the work of designer Hu Sheguang celebrity dresses.

In terms of fashion release, Hu Sheguang is harsh. The beauty, lighting, makeup, accessories, interpretation, and curtain call are all presented in their ideal realm. This is the control that only experienced designers have.
On Hu’s T-stage, the Fashion Lady’s army is slim and slim, showing the beauty of the skin. Some of them are full of grace and grace, and they have a beautiful and long-lasting desire for childhood.

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