Woman, are you free to make up your makeup?

Some time ago, because of the photo of the airport in Reiza, there was a discussion about “freedom of dressing.” In addition to the freedom of dressing, in fact, everyone has the freedom to order the makeup.

To this end, Benedict specifically asked the editors of the small partners, an editor likes to use concealer before applying liquid foundation, and another editor is just the opposite. Another editor even expressed his disdain for the makeup before the discussion.

Of course, these are the freedoms of the editors to paint the bottom, and this time Ben is to say! What are the differences in these different makeup techniques?

  1. Multicolor concealer – foundation

Suitable for skin: redness, acne, dark circles, etc.

Crowd: a makeup veteran who knows the principle of school color

For more skin, the color concealer is a good choice! It can modify various sputums such as acne marks, dark circles and dullness celebrity dresses.

Using the principle of complementary color, the green corresponds to red: red blush covering the red blood, reddish nose, acne print; purple corresponding yellow: covering the face dull, stain, can also be used as the T area to brighten; Used to cover dark purple circles; orange corresponds to blue: used to cover dark circles of dark circles.

According to your facial sputum, use the corresponding color concealer, and then cover with the liquid foundation, so that the bottom makeup is the most natural.

A concealer that moisturizes the texture, the upper face will not pull out the card, and it is very easy to push open, and the dry skin can be used with confidence. Six colors can perfectly cover the corresponding flaws. The cold cream will become harder. It is recommended to use hot air or a few hot air.

The price of one hundred and four is not cheap, but it is durable! The texture is not heavy but the color correction effect is super-obvious and particularly durable. Contains moisturizing vitamin E and antioxidant vitamin C, so it won’t be dull and dry!

  1. Foundation – Concealer

Suitable for the skin: dark spots and acne marks

Crowd: Novices who don’t understand school color

If you are a novice white, do not understand the color correction principle of multi-color concealer, then you can first apply liquid foundation, then use concealer.

Liquid foundation can only play a role in even skin tone, so you should use a concealer with a thick texture and strong hiding power to cover the dark enamel on the skin.

Otaru recommends using a concealer brush, apply a little concealer thickly on the sputum, and then slightly smudge the edges around.

Fingers and sponge eggs are not recommended~ because they cannot be covered accurately!

The three color numbers are free to call the color that suits you best, and the attached brush perfectly covers the enamel. The texture is soft and moist, just as creamy and delicate, it will not be stuck in the powder. It is a broken king!

  1. Makeup before the milk – foundation

Suitable for the skin: no obvious flaws

Crowd: Indoor office workers who are too lazy to apply sunscreen or paint makeup

Many people can’t distinguish between makeup and isolation, but you can’t tell the difference! They are a thing. Most makeup nipples have a sun protection index, so if you are too lazy to apply sunscreen during the fall and winter seasons, you can use pre-makeup instead of sunscreen.

In addition, according to different brands, pre-makeup milk will also have the function of controlling oil, brightening, moisturizing and moisturizing. However, compared with professional concealer products, the effect of pre-makeup is relatively thin, so it is only suitable for skin without obvious blemishes.

Applying moisturizing makeup to the foundation before applying the foundation will make the makeup more suitable. If you have oil control effect, you can increase the makeup effect and reduce the chance of mottled makeup.

You can choose different makeup pre-milk according to your skin type, but Xiao Yan suggested that the skin should still use concealer!

Remember to shake it before use, similar to the texture of the correction fluid, the oil control effect is very good, the face is matte makeup, very suitable for oil skin and mixed oil skin. Recently, a powder that adsorbs sebum has been added, which makes the makeup more durable. There is also the effect of brightening the skin tone~

I used this cream when I was at Benedict University! It is really hydrated and has a certain whitening effect to even out skin tone. SPF26·PA++’s sun protection index is very suitable for commuting, and it is too lazy to apply makeup in autumn and winter.

  1. Applying makeup tools

The foundation brush is not easy to eat powder, which can preserve the gloss and concealing degree of the base makeup to the utmost extent, but it is easy to leave the brush marks.

Therefore, in the technique, it is necessary to pay attention to a small number of layers superimposed one after another, and to quickly and quickly brush the liquid foundation.

The material of the raw wooden handle is very good to hold, the bristles of the man-made fiber are very dense, and it will not feel the face. It can quickly create a uniform makeup with a large area and is more durable than animal hair, which is slightly more expensive!

A makeup brush that I want to start with this value! The wooden handle is wrapped in vintage gold and copper, which is beautiful! It is not easy to leave brush marks on the flat brush head! Praise! The price of about 100 is still acceptable~

Beauty eggs are more convenient to use, but the powder is more powerful, so it is suitable for thicker foundations.

Apply the liquid foundation to your cheeks with your fingers, and then use the makeup eggs to shoot from the middle to the periphery.

Domestic brands are also very easy to use! Benedict bought the smudge brush of its home, quite! Beauty makeup eggs are not bad, although slightly rougher than RT and eat some powder, but the makeup effect is very convincing, 16 can not buy can not afford to buy it!

An editor strongly recommended! It can be used both wet and dry, and can be used to take a powdery foundation when dry. It becomes very soft after water absorption, and it does not eat powder at all. The price is not cheap, but it is acceptable compared to BB.

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