After reading the CHANEL DIOR PRADA worn by the ladies, I am sour.

The last second is still screaming “indulge in the holiday, unwilling to go to work”, the back foot is sour CHANEL, DIOR, PRADA for the “celebrity” holiday series. The holiday wind in your impression = bohemian dress + wide straw hat + sunglasses? After seeing the wealthy luxury goods, I feel that I am too naive…
PRADA 2019/20 Early Spring Series Conference

What is the “Early Spring Vacation Series”?

The “Early Spring Vacation Collection” is a “transition series” in the middle of two traditional fashion release seasons each year, along with several common names: the Resort Collection or the Cruise Collection.

After voyeurizing the CHANEL DIOR and PRADA worn by the ladies, I was sore celebrity dresses.

Do you know that the brand holiday style was the first to be Ms. Chanel?

Because in the 1920s, rich people in Paris will go to the Mediterranean for a yacht holiday at the end of the Christmas or New Year. Since you want to go on holiday, you must wear a beautiful “holiday” dress. In French, the early spring series is also called “collection croisière”. The Chinese meaning of croisière is the boat tour, so the holiday series came into being at that time.

Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster

I don’t know when it’s time to start, the early spring vacation series is not ready to shoot a lookbook, and the wealthy luxury goods will become “senior private custom travel agencies” in May and June, with editors and bloggers. Travel around the world…

DIOR 2019/20 Early Spring Series Conference

The same holiday trip, how can the “fairy ladies” wear tricks! At this moment, PC sauce only wants to adjust back to work mode, try to make money… Then follow the big footsteps to see all over the world! This is actually for travel enthusiasts. For us, isn’t it a new guide to the most fashionable destination?
Show: Grand Palais

Theme: “Destination CHANEL”

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series

Take CHANEL as an example. The venues for the early spring show include: Grand Palais (2017-2019), Cuba (2016), Seoul (2015), Dubai (2014), Singapore (2013), Versailles (2012), Côte d’Azur (2011), southern French towns Saint Tropez (2010), Venice (2009), Miami (2008), Angel City Los Angeles (2007), New York (2006).

Aside from the popular Eiffel Tower, if you want to truly experience the retro feelings of Paris, you must go to the Grand Palais in Paris.

The DIOR 2019/20 fake series is still in the “Lafayette” favorite Paris Grand Palace, but at the moment is the first season of Virginie Viard’s unique design. The CHANEL 2019/20 early spring vacation collection with a classic Parisian train station is a fresh and delicate interpretation of the theme of “Destination CHANEL”.

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference site

This realistic “train station” does not make people think of the “blue train” that Ms. Chanel took when she was on vacation.
Blue Train poster

△ “Without Karl Lagerfeld’s CHANEL, it will definitely be a bad comment!”

△ “Can CHANEL continue its unshakable fashion status?”

△ “Can you buy (see) the familiar CHANEL style in the future?”

△ “What is the style of CHANEL in the future?”

Fashion is perishable, style is forever

“Chanel’s unchanging rough flowers are more fun and casual”
The whole world is waiting for the new CHANEL, finally coming…

What CHANEL needs is the design of the perseverance, or the trend to adapt to the trend? Virginie Viard took over the answer to the CHANEL creative director’s first ready-to-wear collection, throwing her answer.

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

Among the “passengers” gathered at the CHANEL station, not only Liu Wen, Chen Weizhen, but also Xiaosong Nai, Jay Chou, Kun Ling… I am with them, I believe that every girl is willing to be at this “train station”. A day’s car.
In addition to the amazing details and show guests, Virginie Viard continues the spirit of Gabriel Chanel and Galeries Lafayette in this holiday collection: rigorous and luxurious. The classic tweed suit not only has a bumpy contrast, but even the daughter of Kimura Takuya: Kimura Koshih is also wearing a tweed to surprise the model team.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The new CHANEL designed by Virginie Viard has also been interpreted in a variety of ways.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

But to say that the most eye-catching of this holiday series is definitely the huge camellia bow.

Designed with an oversized bow, it is transformed into a unique tube top, with a tweed suit or under the neckline of a cutout dress, and put it on, making the holiday a romantic atmosphere.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

Followed by the sleek wide-leg pants. The high-waisted silhouette is matched with a seven-point trousers length, and the model wears a short leg. The OS of our “short star” is estimated to be: no matter how big the wide-leg cropped trousers, I am sorry to bother. (Do not buy! ok?)
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

A wide-leg pants are not ok, CHANEL has tight pants and trousers of various materials to provide a variety of choices for ladies.
Another example is the change of the fabric, the version is still very CHANEL small jacket and sweater, the mix and shape is more younger and younger!
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

Inspired by the uniforms of the tooling, the Mocha Brown and Cobalt Blue tones are combined with a slightly exaggerated design that combines comfort and practicality.

CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The new CHANEL is simple and casual to wear, tailored jackets, inner and tops, each piece reflects the style of CHANEL soft and soft.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The final chiffon is paired with pink, yellow, blue, and classic black and white tones, and it seems to return to the “Lafayette” style.
CHANEL 2019/20 early spring series conference

The new CHANEL has a bow element on the costume, but the PC sauce falls in love with the small belt and hair clips that run through the show. This kind of low-threshold holiday accessories, here @钱包君: Can I have one of them?
Show: Badi Palace, Marrakech, Morocco

African theme

DIOR 2019/20 early spring scene

DIOR’s holiday collection was chosen at the ruins of the El Badi Palace, a 16th-century palace that was once one of the most luxurious and beautiful palaces in the world. Although the gems have long been emptied, but this is full of national characteristics, this life must be to feel some.
Sumano Association (SUMANO) provides cushions and carpet decoration for DIOR

A coat worn by the show model was also woven by the SUMANO Association.
DIOR 2019/20 early spring series

Having said that, apart from the fact that the venue itself is very ethnic, I think everyone is more curious about why DIOR wants to play “flying” to do the show in Morocco?

This is actually the DIOR creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri once again traced the source. Because this land is not only the former residence of YVES SAINT LAURENT, the first successor of CHRISTIAN DIOR, but also the new presentation of DIOR in the past.

This is not the case. On the eve of the big show, DIOR presented several works by Yves Saint Laurent during the DIOR period in the Palais Bahia Palace.
Cultural integration, feel the charm of art

“DIOR multi-language presents clothing “new look””

DIOR 2019/20 early spring series

This season’s big show is inspired by Morocco, with a total of 113 new look. A variety of batik fabrics reproduce a variety of landscapes and Tarot motifs, from the show layout, music to costumes have African local creative units to participate. The whole show was hot and lively, and it was very lively. In such an environment, I couldn’t help but dance.

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