How do boys wear scarves and look good and handsome?

How do boys wear scarves and look good and handsome? Wearing scarves is not necessary to keep warm, but also good-looking, a good-looking wearing of a scarf can give you an overall image, and there are many ways to wear men’s scarves, so how to wear a men’s scarves.

Which brand of men’s scarves is good?

  1. Burberry

I believe that many men in this brand know that his family’s products for men are still very much. He is also a classic men’s brand. His scarf is suitable for men of different ages and styles. His scarf design is low-key and luxurious. It is sought after by many stars and nobles. His fabric is also very soft and skin-friendly. The overall design is very simple and elegant. It is a very classic men’s scarf brand celebrity dresses .

2, Loro Piana

This brand is the largest manufacturer of cashmere products in the West. The scarves of his family are made of pure mountain wool. The fabric is very shiny and feels very comfortable. After being surrounded, it is quite skin-friendly. His style is also A variety of commuter and leisure are very suitable, very warm, it is a cold artifact!

3, Begg & Co

This is a famous scarf brand with a history of 100 years. Its scarf fabric is mainly made of cashmere. The fabric is very comfortable and warm. The scarf of his house is very skin-friendly and feels very comfortable. The scarf is all made by Artificial spinning, weaving and dyeing, so the price is much more expensive than the usual brand. The style and color of the scarf are very much. The daily commute is very versatile. In the design, the tassel elements of the fire in the past two years are used. Monotonous winter is very bright!

4, Johnstons of Elgin

This scarf is also made of cashmere. The scarf style of his family is very much, the color is very bright, which makes you more eye-catching in the monotonous winter. This scarf has a very good warm effect and comfortable fabric. His family’s scarves can be used on both sides. They are very practical and convenient, they are also very versatile, and the price is relatively beautiful. After wearing, it will make you more handsome and handsome.

5, Jack Jones

This brand’s scarves are highly sought after by the stars and nobles. He is also a very classic clothing brand. He is very suitable for young men. After wearing, he is very youthful and energetic. He is also very versatile and does not need to be specially matched. What kind of clothes, as long as casual, casual, its design is very in line with the public’s aesthetic, so it is also the best choice for men to work out the street.

6, Carbine

This brand is a brand specially designed for men. His home feels very comfortable and the fabric is very skin-friendly. His style design is original, combining Chinese style with international popular elements. Very It is novel and unique. It belongs to the middle and high-grade level. It has been carefully selected and matched from fabric to series of accessories. Its color is also diverse, not monotonous, very versatile, bringing you a warm and fashionable feeling in the cold winter. .

       How to wear a men’s scarf?

The first one: the scarf around the neck for a week, the tail through the bottom of the neck, neatly arranged, this should be a more widely used method.

The second type: It is recommended that a taller person wear this way. It is very simple. Hang it around your neck and cover your tail with a coat. (lazy people are like this)
The third type: one and a half round around the neck, the tail is placed behind the back, one of the must-have styles.

The fourth type: the scarf is hung around the neck, and the two tails are slid to the back of the neck, which is similar to the third way, and looks the same from the front. There are minor differences behind.

The fifth type: the scarf is folded, the middle is hung on the neck, and the tail is passed through the fold. The scarf is more suitable when it is shorter. This is also one of the popular ways.

Sixth: This is a test of the man’s temperament and the length of the scarf. The scarf is hung on the neck first, but the ends can not be neat, the longer end can be around the neck for a week, and the finishing is a man.

The seventh type: scarf hanging neck, leaving one end of a long length, knotted, the shorter end through the knot, finishing it.
 Eighth: Similar to the seventh way, but the shorter end is also crossed.
Ninth: The scarf is hung on the neck. The length of one end is longer, the longer end is a week, and the two tails pass through the middle of the ring in front of the neck.

Next, show the effect of the model, the scarf does not need to be too long, the right is ok, this model is in the fifth way, looks very handsome and charming.

What kind of men’s scarves look good?

  1. Material – best in wool, cotton and linen

Boys choose wool, cotton and linen materials. This type of material is not only gentle in texture, but also suitable for boys’ simple and generous personality. For example, non-personal groups suggest that boys should not easily try silk scarves.

2, color – can be personalized

For the choice of color, you can choose the personalized color you like, but the premise is to match your own temperament, and not too glamorous, the average male is more likely to accept brown, black, brown, gray, blue and so on.

3, style – simple and generous

Boys do not have to consider too many questions about the choice of scarves. Nowadays, many simple long scarves, bibs, or triangle scarves are all good choices. When boys choose scarves, remember that the style is simple and generous, suitable for individuals. Temperament can be.

4, with – depending on personal temperament dress

An external dress and temperament is the focus of a scarf. You must choose the style/material that suits you according to your temperament and daily dress, so that you can highlight your personality and simplicity, without losing the generosity of the boys.

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