Wei fat girl dressing illustrations What kind of windbreaker is the little fat girl?

It is said that every three thousand pounds of fat in the festive season, this is not, just after Halloween, I will personally demonstrate what is called the festival! Therefore, the big brothers are now showing their feelings. In this issue of “Miniature Girl Dressing Illustrations”, if you see my overflowing autumn, please do not see it?

But anyways, today’s micro fat girl dressing illustrations, let’s talk about the windbreaker. Although for many northern fat friends north of Guangdong, the current temperature is more suitable for woolen coats and down, but the season of cold and hot is dependent on the sweaty coat or the T-shirt that is cold to death. Life”.

And on the show floor, the windbreaker as a seasonal item, the frequency of occurrence = as long as you want to see, it will appear. It is undeniable that the windbreaker has been sitting on the throne of the spring and autumn season celebrity dresses.

So, the seasonality of the windbreaker is a very worthwhile question, and it is best to wear it in seasons.

What kind of windbreaker is it like I am only one meter six? Today, this pig will tell you! (Please look at the results of running a broken leg in Guangzhou. I only found a few lonely windbreakers. Would you like to read the full text?)

Profile trench coat + wide leg pants

Autumn trench coats and wide-leg pants are a pair of locked CPs. The coolness of autumn and the breeze of the north wind are especially evident between the elegant windbreaker and wide-leg pants.

So this time, I was a little fat person. I chose a dark-washed tannin wide-leg trousers in the 80s, and a worn plaid shirt from my mother’s wardrobe.

Because this fat is an apple-shaped figure, the pants of wide-leg pants actually have little effect on the modification of my body. However, under the brace of the profile windbreaker, the belly on both sides of the waist and abdomen can be well hidden. The flesh is gone, only the waistline.

What happened to the north wind? As long as I am fat enough, the wind will not blow me.

Straight or slim trench coat + dress

The dress is also one of the favorite items in this fall. The darling of this year’s fashion circle is the bourgeois style, so I chose a (self-feeling) special CELINE print dress to match the shirt’s straight windbreaker. This does not properly extend me from the O-shaped body to the H-shaped long body.

In the 2019-2020 blast of Bourgeois, the micro-fat girls have to take the CELINE BY HEDI SLIMANE route. In fact, they don’t have to wear Knee High Boot like the bamboo pole models on the show floor. A piece of calf skin can achieve a less fat effect.

In addition to the boutonniere dress, this time I also have a black short dress for Judy. For the little girl who is less than 1 meter, the length of the bottom is one of the factors that determine our height of “the day after tomorrow” – just above the knee. Being too short or too long will make our height hit back one meter two.

The same is true for the length of the windbreaker. In order to specifically show the effect of different lengths of windbreaker on the height, I specially use this black 蹦di skirt to match two different lengths of windbreaker:

The left side of the set: beige large lapels do not receive waist long trench coat;

The set on the right: a khaki mid-rise waistcoat.

The results are clear at a glance, the right set of Look 2 on the right!

Look 2 wins in the short trench coat and the inner dress to make the whole layer more layered, not to become a funny dress. There is also a design for the waist, which should have the phrase “have waist and no waist.”

But Look 1 is because I don’t know where the length of the clothes is superior, I want to greedily want to swallow me, and the result is not unilaterally declared defeated!

Drape windbreaker + bottoms missing method

In Guangzhou, which is not hot or cold, it’s the most interesting thing to have nothing to do with a leg, especially for the micro-fat girls whose meat grows only in the belly, the bare legs can visually reach the weight you want to lose. How many pounds of exaggerated effect. Of course, I also exaggeratedly expressed it.

But then again, the big power is always in the airport with the fire of this kind of missing dressing method, one can solve many lazy people’s dressing difficulties; the second can be quiet and fashionable one time; three can still save The long and large pressure box bottoms in the closet of their own (or boyfriend). One arrow and three carvings, it is inevitable that it is a bit too wit!

So this fat and clever ghost, I followed the big power to download the missing method once, with a drape of windbreaker with a long sweater. In the autumn, which is neither cold nor hot, the temperature difference is thief, the sweater and windbreaker are a pair of lock CPs that I have designated.

How to choose the length of this windbreaker? Also don’t have to be too long, the length is at the knee level.

The little fat girl chooses the windbreaker to focus on! !

  1. Profile windbreaker + wide-leg pants – the inside must be raised to improve the waistline;
  2. Choose the straight coat or the self-cultivation windbreaker to modify the body;
  3. Drape windbreaker may try to download the missing method, fashionable and lazy.

Little fat girls, grab the fall tail and pick a windbreaker that suits you! If you want to see anything, don’t forget to tell Wei fat in the comment area!

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