Another artist dragged by YG? Known as “Monster Newcomer”, she relies on wearing to keep fans!

Recently, YG released the return poster of singer Li Yiyi, whose poster reads “coming soon”. Her strong eyes and more mature style make people curious about the concept of this new album, which makes fans have a strong expectation. This singer, who has been hiding in YG for 3 years, is finally going to return!

Li Yiyi was runner-up in the SBS “K-pop star” program. Her unique voice is impressive, and it is hard to see among Korean singers. After that, she signed a contract with YG.

The release single “1, 2, 3, 4” swept the Korean audio source list in 4 weeks, and then the first album “First Love” main song “Rose” boarded the US bulletin board and won the “monster” The title of “newcomer”, however, disappeared as soon as it debuted, and the album “SEOULITE” was released again after three years celebrity dresses.

But since then, there has never been a return. Only the occasional singer of the TV series OST is really not worthy of the face, but the artists of YG only look at the strength and do not look at the face.

For the reason that Li Yuyi’s blank time is a little long, YG explained that “because this is an album that is dedicated to making your favorite music.”

For South Korea, which has been updated quickly, it is easy to be forgotten in the face of the public for a long time. It is easy to be forgotten. The Bigbang who played for YG has only released three regular albums in 10 years. 2NE1 has only been out of the debut for 10 years. Zhang formal, it can be seen that YG’s procrastination is unusual.

Every time YG has a return message, there will be fans of other idols. When I ask my family to return, I will find a poster of Li Yiyi. There is no specific return time. The return of Somi was announced earlier, but it is also a push. Push again, and then determine the date of return, I hope YG company will let Li Yiyi return!

Called by fans as “another artist dragged down by YG”, Li Yiyi has been interacting with fans on YouTube in addition to singing TV series OST and featuring in the past three years.

Li Yiyi, who is affectionately known as the “middle cake girl”, can be said to be able to keep fans by wearing it alone. Wearing a white dress, her eyes are full of intense gaze, and the long hair of black micro-rolls looks like her. Feminine!

Wearing a black suit jacket and a black top, it reveals a delicate clavicle, sexy and sultry, with a butterfly necklace, revealing the softness and elegance of a woman, sexy just right.

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