How do men choose the suit that suits them?

How do men choose the suit that suits them? For men after work, it is very important to have a suitable suit. There are always occasions when boys need formal costumes. So, what should boys pay attention to when choosing a suit?

How do men choose the suit that suits them?

Suitable shoulder line

The shoulder is one of the key parts that reflect whether a man is strong. We praise a man for being mature, stable, and responsible, often saying that he has “shoulders.” The so-called shoulder stereo refers to the fact that after wearing a suit, the shoulder part of the man will not be overpressed by the over-tightening, and it will not be too spirity. Therefore, when purchasing a suit, the shoulder line must be just right celebrity dresses.

Full chest

Men can have no chest muscles, but the chest that is straight and confident must not be less. Similar to the three-dimensional shoulder, the full chest can better represent the atmosphere of a suit man. If the chest is too loose, it will look lazy and casual; the chest position is too tight, not only uncomfortable to wear, but also not enough.

Exquisite waistline

The waist line of a suit is very important. A good waist line not only modifies the shape of the man, but also enhances the sense of well-being of the whole person. If the waist is not fit enough, the person wearing it will look like a rigid rectangle. The sexyness of a man wearing a suit is also reflected in the beauty of the curve, so the waistline is especially important for the overall decoration.

Choose a fit suit skill:

  1. First of all, look at the suit is not suitable to look at the four parts: shoulder width and sleeve length, length (length) and bust width. First measure your shoulder width and sleeve length, length (length) and bust width and narrowness data, then select the appropriate code according to the size table given by the manufacturer or the store; (China Fashion Network)
  2. According to the body type: “body type” means the difference between the body’s net chest circumference and the net waist circumference. The body type classification codes are Y, A, B, and C. The Y body type is a wide shoulder and a thin waist type (slim or muscle-developed type), the A body type is a normal normal body type, and the B body type is slightly protruding (a fat body type). The C body type is obese, and the specific difference is: male: Y body type 22~425px, A body type 16~300px, B body type 11~175px, C body type 6~50px. The average size of a male suit will only be produced in both A and B versions. If it is too thin (the difference between the chest and waist is Y), you can only choose the A version. If the A version is too large, you can only go to the volume. Custom made. If the body type is obese, the B version can’t be worn, and it can only be customized. Of course, if the chest-waist difference belongs to A or B, it is generally possible to buy a more fit male suit size. Usually the salesperson will use 44, 46, 48 and other figures to indicate the specifications. These figures are actually the bust of the suit and the inch. Generally 44 corresponds to 165, 46 corresponds to 170, 48 corresponds to 175, and so on.
  3. Pay attention to the size of the casual suit; many manufacturers usually use S, M, L, XL, XXL to mark the size. In general, S is suitable for men with a height of 165~170, M is suitable for height 170~175. Men wear, and so on. However, if the body is too fat, you should increase the code by one yard. The size of the trousers is generally expressed by the waist circumference. The method is expressed in inches (28, 29, 30), centimeters and city inches. The ohms are determined by 1/2 bust and 1/2 waist. type. According to the relevant national standards in China, the size of the clothing for adult men and women is expressed by the “number system”, and the suit is no exception. “No.”, including “number”, “type”, “body type” three parts. Among them, the “number” indicates the height of the human body (in cm, which is 125px); the “type” indicates the body’s net bust (top, usually 100px) or the net waist (bottom, usually 100px) First gear).

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