Fashion Bazaar will release the star e-newsletter special issue. Join hands with Zhang Yixing as a charity

2019 Fashion Bazaar Star Charity Night will be held on November 16th. This year’s BAZAAR Star Charity Night, with the theme of “Meditation of the Future and Charity Peers”, continues to promote the “Bazaar After School One Hour” aesthetic education project initiated by Fashion Bazaar in 2018, focusing on the rural boarding primary school and transforming a room. Empty classrooms, equipped with the necessary hardware facilities, and introduced graded aesthetic education courses such as art, reading, chorus, and chess, enriching the after-school life of rural boarding children.

Fashion Bazaar has never stopped on the road of aesthetic education and charity. This year, it has exclusively planned a special issue of star e-newsletter charity. Specially invited Zhang Yixing as a “Bashua Love Help Ambassador” to shoot, and fashion Bazaar hand in hand for love. Walk with love. A few days ago, Bazaar official Weibo has announced that 50% of the amount won in the sale of this star e-join charity special issue will be donated to the “Basha after school hour” aesthetic education public welfare in the name of Bazaar and Zhang Yixing. project celebrity dresses.

It is reported that the current fashion Bazaar Zhang Yixing charity special issue will be launched at the same time on November 14th at 18:00 at Bazaar in APP, fashion Bazaar electronic magazine WeChat applet, fashion Bazaar electronic magazine vibrato applet. “Basza Love Help Ambassador” In the way of Zhang Yixing’s interpretation of this charity e-newsletter, it is expected to be a charity.

In addition, the 2019BAZAAR Star Charity Night will also be carried out in a new and breakthrough concert, with the most free voice and the warmest performance to interpret charity. On November 16th, I look forward to witnessing the power of love and dreams with Bazaar.

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