A beauty blogger with a value of 10 million, the tubing video playback volume is 1.8 billion!

At the age of 20, I have 16 million fans. I am good at all kinds of “special effects” makeup. I also cooperate with Kardashian.
Which beauty bloggers do you usually pay attention to? Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce James Charles, the most popular fan of Youtube beauty bloggers. He has just turned 20 this year and has created many records.

This year, there are so many beauty bloggers. Why is it that James Charles is the male blogger? Although he and his teacher Tati tore the headlines this year, his own makeup technology is really unbearable celebrity dresses.

Of course, James Charles also created a lot of records, a million tons of tubing powder per year, tubing video views of 1.8 billion, worth 10 million yuan, is the first male spokesperson in Cover Girl history, the most famous beauty brand in the United States. .

In his tubing video, he rarely saw daily makeup. He used his face as a drawing board to paint. He was good at various “special effects” makeup. At that time, there was no male beauty blogger who dared to do such things. He was like An atomic bomb brought a sense of freshness to the market, so it also made him 20 million years old to achieve 12 million achievements.

Some people praised that this is no longer a make-up. It is simply painting the face as a canvas. In addition to makeup techniques, James’s tongue is also unusual. The speed of “quantum flip book”, repeated “Hey, Sister”, the degree of brainwashing is stronger than Li Jiaqi shouting “OMG, buy it to buy it” in your ear.

Plus makeup technology is really amazing, the number of fans has been on the rise, Fashioninstp commented that he is one of the most powerful beauty bloggers in 2016, becoming the most beautiful beauty blogger of Youtube.

James Charles is not only a beauty blogger, but also a cross-border fashion circle. The brand is invited to participate in the fashion industry’s annual grand festival Met Gala, becoming the youngest beauty blogger Met Gala invited to participate. Also participated in this year’s New York Fashion Week, a black dress, which fits the modern modernity of New York, is called “the most influential KOL of New York Fashion Week” by WWD.

But this year he picked up a health care product advertisement, which is his own competitor to Tati’s competitor. This video, once released, became the fuse of the two people’s annual tears.

Immediately after the bad reviews, he lost 3 million fans overnight. Five months later, he painted with glitter eyeshadows and appeared in the WWD interview room wearing Prada boots. The cloud was lightly talking about the most authentic in this storm. Feel.

He said, “I don’t care about people like me before. I want to do something new. I want to do some new experiments. I want to do some co-branding with some beauty brands and try new things. Also cooperate with Kardashian.

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