Leading women’s cool attitude, Belle brand upgrade and release new LOGO

In a rapidly developing social environment, Chinese women’s social roles and lifestyles are changing with each passing day. They are subverting and creating a new and richer aesthetic thinking. Belle, the industry benchmark brand, is the first to realize the new pursuit of “beauty” by women behind this phenomenon: eager to have a personality posture that changes with the heart. Therefore, Belle actively responds to women’s demands and meets consumers with a new look –

On November 1st, the Belle brand upgrade limited time experience museum COOLEGANCE CLUB airborne Shenzhen Vientiane Tiandi Yiwen Square, opened the curtain for the Belle brand upgrade celebrity dresses.

Belle brand rejuvenation

The Belle brand’s new upgrade is first reflected in the overall improvement of visual effects. Not only is the brand LOGO fully upgraded, but the brand new logo is the first appearance. Belle will be full of mysterious black as the main color, giving it a rich sense of vitality, personality and full design. The strong visual effect not only creates a deep memory point for consumers, but also is a sensory extension of the “cool attitude”, which highlights the brand new style of Belle.

Belle has sublimated “COOL” and “ELEGANCE” to discover a new aesthetic definition – “COOLEGANCE”. Cool ya is the unique personality aesthetic of Belle, and it is also an advanced and emotional understanding of the understanding of “everything, so beautiful.”

Belle Time Limit Experience Hall Creates a new realm of “cool ya”

The Belle brand upgrade limited-time experience hall unveiled on November 1st, in addition to creating an immersive visual space that looks like a shoe box, also includes three cool and elegant interactive spaces, which stimulates consumers to punch cards through scene interaction points, and attracts consumers with the trend. Understand the new season products, successfully plant grass drainage lines, and achieve a one-stop perfect closed-loop experience.

On the day of the launching ceremony, Ma Sichun, the spokesperson of the Belle brand, came to the scene as the “Chief Cool Experience User” of Belle, and started the installation together with the top executives of Belle, lighting up the venue and welcoming the highlights of the brand. In addition, Ma Sichun is playing on the scene to experience the interactive challenges in the pavilion. In this novel and interesting way, he is the first to enter the “cool era”:

In the “attitude revolution” space, shoot cool ya movies, express individual attitudes; complete the “cool ya test” in the “style experiment” space, and explore the fascinating and elegant charm; in the “free transformation” space, intuitively feel the Belle cool products, The personalized photo wall is fixed in front of the wall!

After completing the series of “cool ya upgrade” challenges, you can get the corresponding “cool ya equipment” reward at the space exchange station, and finally realize the cool evolution, and open a new cool journey with Belle.

In response to the brand rejuvenation, Hu Bing, general manager of Belle brand said: ”Belle has always been the ‘self-restraint, more insistent on changing oneself’, brand VI upgrade is just the beginning of a new journey, supporting the design and production of the brand Manufacturing, retail services and other aspects are iteratively upgraded in all directions. The exploration and change of Belle is still going on. In the future, we will work hard together. ”

Belle’s brand rejuvenation is not only an upgrade of ideas, logos and designs, but also an all-round omni-directional upgrade that caters to the needs of the times.

Throughout the history of brand development, as the leading enterprise in the industry, Belle’s upgrade action is an inevitable choice to adapt to the times, to embrace the initial expression of change, and to seek self-innovation. What kind of surprises will the new upgraded Belle future bring to consumers? let us wait and see!

The hair is attached to the face like a kelp, but the business is not delayed.

A while back, JYP’s women’s group TWICE returned with the mini eight series “Feel Special”! Also the perfect transformation of the main retro style 9 people 9 colors make people look at the eyes, the album also won the sound source good results, even the MV in the oil pipe also broke 100 million!

From the poster, I can see that the return to this time is full of gorgeous and high-level feelings. If the nine fairies are in the same place, who can resist it? Today, Xiaobian wants to introduce the captain of TWICE plus the lead singer Park Ji-hyun. He has 10 years of practical experience, and he has been working hard for five years. The passers-by is very high celebrity dresses.

As the captain of Korea’s top women’s team, Park Ji-fu not only has a face but also a body, but occasionally has a funny side. When shooting in MV “Feel Special”, the hair is like a kelp on the face, but it does not affect her. Beautiful.

In fact, Park Ji-sung’s debut is still with baby fat on his face. It seems a bit childish. He always gives everyone the impression that he is “somewhat fleshy and looks like a foreigner”. Actually, it’s because of the appearance of “Sixteen”. She has received a lot of criticism, although she has not said anything more.

But from that time on, she was super determined to lose weight. She said that she would not eat if she didn’t eat, and she also said that she would stimulate the weight loss: 5 minutes to eat, it takes 5 days to reduce. Even the members admit that they should not be able to do it. She has done it all. The effect of losing weight is not to talk about it, but to speak with photos!

In “Signal”, it was caused by a too thin leg. But she is not the skinny, with obvious muscle lines and straight legs, so she dances more on the stage. Zhiwu himself also said: After returning to foreign performances, he will go straight to the gym once he returns to China. When he is strong, he will exercise for 4 hours a day.

Now the ambition is so beautiful, probably fulfilled the sentence without thinning down and never knowing how beautiful she is. She also revealed that because her eyes are too deep, she was often mistaken for foreigners when she was a child.

As a popular idol, Zhiyi was also hit by the famous D agency, or the kind of direct hammer, I believe that her boyfriend knows that it is the winner of the Korean solo singer Jiang Daniel.

Jiang Daniel was once the C position of Wanna One. When the two people’s love news came out, it was really fried! It is really the love of Korean idol top. Although there is also a phenomenon of large-scale powder removal, it is still blessed by many people!

Although there is love news, but the business ability of the business has not been delayed, not only can sing and dance, attending the event is more beautiful business, wearing a printed retro square collar dress, show delicate clavicle and beautiful swan neck, The news maps are all like refined.

This nude pink dress looks gentle and generous, and the details of the skirt are also very good!

Yue Xiaolin’s 10th Anniversary Launching Ceremony “YES!10.0” was a complete success

The scene attracted hundreds of fashionistas and industry pioneers to attend and participate in the event, and the live broadcast platforms such as Youku Live and Live Broadcast simultaneously watched up to 10 million online traffic. This big show LIN MAKEUP appears in the public view with a new attitude. Each model is in the interpretation of the 2020 spring and summer fashion trend, and joins the free and bold new generation of creative elements, “YES!”

Infinite creativity, always love

At 7:00 pm, the Chinese fashion creative makeup artist Ms. Yue Xiaolin, as the curator, led the members of the LIN MAKEUP team to use the five chapters of “gravity-neon”, “BUG”, “CARRY”, “SOLO” and “Hao”. The audience entered a journey of youthful dreamy makeup art celebrity dresses.

LIN MAKEUP Yue Xiaolin, the founder of Yue Xiaolin’s make-up stylist, has used the professional precipitation, unique expression and superb creative design ability in the past 22 years to make a pre-judgment on the fashion trend of 2020 spring and summer makeup style, and led the team of LIN MAKEUP. In combination with color art, in the five chapters, the color of the galaxy, the alert yellow, the reddish tone, the solo blue and the bubble orange are all kinds of young and joyful, innocent and free colors. The overall style of the show is a geometrical architectural wig, graffiti art expressions to create a fashion look, a combination of Chinese Oriental beauty and modern fashion elements, and a mix of sophisticated and simple clothing and accessories, including the scene The announced YUEXLIN Yue Xiaolin makeup and this big show jointly launched a limited edition “play color” eye shadow disc, which reflects the mature and professional creative ability of the LIN MAKEUP team. And the actor Xu Yang as the finale model of this big show, became the focus of the audience as soon as he appeared, stunning the audience. The combination of professionalism and creativity, the sublimation of fashion and art, and the transformation of various styles, LIN MAKEUP continues to enhance its own standards while demonstrating the determination and attitude to create a professional fashion makeup school with international standards.

After the catwalk, the brand press conference of Beijing Linrong Fashion Culture Development Co., Ltd. began, and the founder, Ms. Yue Xiaolin, took the stage to give a speech on the theme of “The Road of the Future”. I will explain in detail the significance of this “YES!10.0” big show, and further explain the future development of its LIN MAKEUP Yue Xiaolin makeup model and YUEXLIN Yue Xiaolin makeup brand.

In the speech, Yue Xiaolin mentioned that “in the past, we have been shouldering the mission of promoting the development of Chinese fashion makeup and styling. We have taken up the social responsibility of the industry through artistic creation and cultivating elite talents in the industry. 10 years of steady development, let We are gradually becoming the leader of the domestic industry; now, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, we still have enough enthusiasm, continue to firmly practice our mission, and use the mature business philosophy that has been nurtured in the past 10 years, LIN MAKEUP will Advancing towards the goal of a more professional and fashionable fashion school, YUEXLIN Yue Xiaolin’s make-up brand has ushered in more cooperation opportunities after three years of precipitation, and we will continue to continue the “professional to make selection easier” Brand concept, gradually strengthen brand power and expand brand effect. In the future, I and our team will also adhere to the original intention, insist on doing things in the field of make-up fashion that they are good at, and do things well. Also welcome more Partners join us, go hand in hand with us, work together, and strengthen together More possibilities in the future to jointly tap LIN MAKEUP College of Fashion and YUEXLIN makeup. “

At the end of the big show, the famous guest actor Hu Jun, famous photographer Zhang Wei, Xu Yang, Gao Mingyang, Zhu Gang Ri, Peng Jingci, You Haoran, Luo Xiangjin, Wei Jiaxing, Guo Lixing, Rosewood, Baichen, Chen Pinyan, Zhang Yuran, Wang Rui Star actor, Feng Xi, Li Tianhua, Li Qiang, Xiao Juan and other star performers, interviewed by major media at home and abroad, expressed their appreciation for the big show.

This youthful, free and innocent show is immersed in the fashion party that LIN MAKEUP wants to convey, the artistic conception and the fun and playful atmosphere. Under the leadership of Ms. Yue Xiaolin, we look forward to the LIN MAKEUP Yue Xiaolin Makeup and Fashion Institute in the future to continue to lead the makeup and styling industry to bring more surprises to everyone.

Special thanks to this big show: China’s original women’s Ayue AYOU, Beijing 曦烽 Photography College, PAUL MITCHELL, famous photographer Zhang Wei

Year-end skiing plan | Complete the 2019 list in the snowy snow!

The excitement of the National Day has not yet gone, many small partners are already planning the trip of the ski season.

After all, in the hearts of our southerners, in the winter, I saw a big snow in the snow country fairyland, and happy to slide down to the next year, only to complete this year’s winter list.

In fact, there is no need to travel to Northern Europe and Japan. This romantic experience can also be harvested in China. Today, PC sauce first gave everyone a wave of domestic ski resorts Amway~

Changbai Mountain

Speaking of winter snowfall in the country, there must be Changbai Mountain. It is located at the 41° north latitude ski band with Davos, Switzerland and Whistler, Canada. World-class ski resorts, European-style towns, and the snow-capped hot springs of Hokkaido, you can meet all your imaginations in winter.

In this fantasy fairy tale world like “Frozen”, you can watch the sunrise in the misty morning, and enjoy the “speed and passion” that belongs to you in the world-class ski resort during the day celebrity dresses .

Not only during the day, but when the lights are lit up at night, I can go to the night scene where the ski resort is open, overlooking the warm light, and swaying through the snow, and the sound of the wind is whistling. Beautiful to indulge.

Hangzhou Lin’an·Da Mingshan

Lin’an Damingshan Ski Resort is located at Wansongling, Daming Lake, which is more than 1,200 meters above sea level. It is currently the highest altitude and largest snow-seeking, snow-skiing and skiing paradise in East China. Lightweight sled, domineering snowmobile, and Daming Mountain wrapped in silver! Who said that Jiangnan is only graceful and fresh, here, you can feel the most beautiful “Jiangnan Saibei scenery”!

In the winter, Daming Mountain itself is a good place to enjoy ice and snow. When it snows, icebergs, cedars, icy lakes, ice waterfalls, icicles, ice caves and snowy mountain grasslands are all in sight.

Intimate is to meet the needs of all ages, different needs and technical level of skiers, Damingshan ski resort is equipped with primary and secondary secondary slides, the quality level fully reaches the SS level, a single ski trail can be compared with professional-grade snow. Whether it is a rookie or a master, you can find your own happiness in the snow.

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Huzhou Anji · Jiangnan Tianchi

Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Resort is the only winter wilderness ski resort in Jiangnan. As one of the oldest ski resorts in Zhejiang Province, the snowy road is built on the mountain, with a total length of nearly 800 meters, a drop of 40 meters and a width of 40-150 meters.

Every winter, you can see the glittering ice waterfalls and icicles on the rock wall of the Panshan Highway. In the morning and evening, the treetops and the grassy foggy ice can be seen almost every day. There are ten to twenty snows every year. It’s no wonder that you have been here. It is almost always called “Changbai Mountain in Jiangnan” and “Yabuli in Jiangnan”.

It combines the wonderful experience of skiing and bathing. In the event of a snowy day, after a skiing skiing, the skin soaked in the hot springs is as warm as spring, and the skin outside the hot spring can feel cold. The experience of ice and fire does not require going to Hokkaido.

Wenzhou Wencheng · Green Water Point

This is the largest alpine outdoor ski resort in southern Zhejiang, which can satisfy the small partners who want to ski in the south but don’t want to toss the north.

Although its overall temperature in the south is not too low, but the green water tip at an altitude of 1000 meters will definitely let you appreciate the domineering feeling of “the height is not cold”, to realize your dream of wintering in the snow and ice.

Interestingly, before entering the ski resort, you must first change the number of skis in the entrance of the “yurt”, dressed neatly in the “yurt” front license po friends circle, minutes to think that you ran to Inner Mongolia ski ~

Intimate PC sauce is also ready for everyone to ski a safe Tips, less wrestling, more experience, is our ultimate goal.

Year-end skiing plan | Complete the 2018 list in the snowy snow!

Ski Safety Tips

1, do your best

When the skier’s skill level is safe to stop and avoid obstacles and other skiers on the piste, he can go to the higher-level corresponding ski resort.

2, rest on the side

If you are resting, stop at the side of the ski slope, and pay full attention to and avoid the people who slide down from above, as well as when you re-enter the trail.

3, prevent collision

Skiing has a saying, not afraid of falling, just afraid of hitting. That is to say, it is better to fall and not to collide. Collision is very dangerous. It is not to hit someone else, but to hit the tree, block the net, but it is a contusion and a fracture.

4, safe fall

Don’t feel free to struggle after falling, try to lower your center of gravity as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances, you can raise your hands and arms, bend your body, let it slide down, and keep your head down, and avoid rolling.

How to match the denim jacket, the wider the autumn and winter, the better.

How to match a denim jacket? If you want to become a fashionista, you don’t have to buy big-name clothing. The denim jacket is more suitable for matching. It can also make your wear full of personality. Here are a few recommended. Very stylish denim jacket with matching skills.

Denim jacket, when paired with a short skirt, is the most energetic, most youthful! And, it is also the most suitable matching scheme for small girls celebrity dresses.

However, this collocation scheme is also skillful:

1, the color of the A skirt is bright and bright, it is best not to choose dark, dark brown and other dark colors. This dim color, when paired with a blue denim jacket, will make the overall temperament look old-fashioned. Bright yellow, light pink, or beige, will make you look bright and moving, playful and cute.

2, the upper body can choose a simple T-shirt, can be a simple letter style, can also be a complex stripe style, or a cute cartoon style. In short, look at your personal hobbies and personal temperament to match.

3, the matching of shoes is best based on leisure. Because whether it is denim jacket, T-shirt, or short skirt, it is more casual clothes. Therefore, it is most suitable with small white shoes, canvas shoes and sports shoes.

Denim with white gauze

As I mentioned in the previous article, the perfect match with blue is absolutely white. So the blue denim suit with a white gauze is really nice. The casual, handsome, and silky skirt of the denim is the perfect combination for everyday shopping, dating and travel.

Matching points and tips:

1, you can choose a white dress, you can also choose a white skirt, but no matter which type of skirt, you must choose a sleek and simple style. Don’t choose a layer of thick skirt, otherwise it will look fat with a denim!

2, the denim suit with the white veil, preferably short, small size jeans. Don’t choose the oversize style, or the bf style denim. The combination of the wide denim and the veil will give you the feeling of a sack. (China Fashion Network)

Black and white plaid pants are my personal, very favorite fashion items. Because it’s easy to create avant-garde temperament, you only need to match a simple T-shirt, you can become a very cool girl.

Matching skills:

1, choose high-waist style plaid pants, can help you stretch the proportion of the legs, let us look great!

2, the trousers of the plaid pants have straight pants, but also harem pants. It is recommended that girls with thicker thighs choose harem pants, which can help you cover up your shortcomings.

The combination of denim jacket and knit maxi dress can make you feel sexy in your leisure time. It is very suitable for the matching scheme of light mature women.

Matching skills:

Knitted dresses are actually a very attractive piece. He specially tested the figure of the wearer. A little bit of a small belly will be revealed. So if you have more flesh on your stomach and a flater chest, don’t choose this combination. Not only will it not make you look sexy, it will also make you look awkward!

Of course, if you are not so fat, we can also use some careful machines to improve our body condition. For example, wearing a gathered underwear, and wearing abdomen underwear. In this way, you can also transform into an s-curve!

Cowboy coat planting grass

Said so many wearing skills, then say something dry. I have planted several kinds of denim jackets that I have seen on the Internet recently!! But before I remind everyone, they come from different brands, so the quality of each piece of clothing must be seen by everyone. Buyers evaluate, go to the customs ~) (China Fashion Network)

Especially fresh and youthful gradient denim, after wearing it, I feel that my girl’s heart is bursting. At present, the total evaluation of this dress is only 11 pieces, which are all good reviews. If you are interested, you can go and see for yourself.

Very delicate and very tidal denim with a diamond-shaped design and small stones of different colors. It’s a fashion in denim, and it’s a good match with a pair of tight pants and a T-shirt.

The only thing that can put a denim out of the Japanese style and the wind is this one. The bat-style cloak design is perfect for this long skirt! If you like to wear a long skirt, then this denim must be one.

“Chinese fashion pioneer” Li Guanyi founded FASHIONOMY fashion industry anniversary party successfully concluded

On October 15th, the “FASHIONOMY Fashion Circle”, the world-wide eco-fashion platform of the East and West Global Creative Group, created the “First Anniversary Fashion Party” to open on the Shanghai Bund. This party is located at No. 3 on the Bund. It is one of the core buildings of the Shanghai Bund complex. It has witnessed the development and changes of Shanghai for hundreds of years and recorded history.

Today, “FASHIONOMY Fashion Industry” has created a party based on oriental culture and gathering fashion people and enthusiasts from all over the world to witness and celebrate the achievements and future vision of “FASHIONOMY Fashion Industry” in the past year celebrity dresses.

Since its inception in October 2018, “FASHIONOMY Fashion Industry” has been focusing on the different dimensions of the global fashion industry from the perspective of oriental culture and spreading fashion views and opinions belonging to Asians. In the future, we will also connect high-end fashion all-media, technology intelligence, advertising marketing, fashion activities and fashion funds to bring together the “fashion dreams” of people from all walks of life in the fashion industry, and strive to create a diversified eco-fashion platform. .

On the first anniversary of the “FASHIONOMY Fashion”, we are also warming up for the “Fashion Awards Ceremony” held in Paris next February, and look forward to the new authority and benchmark of the upcoming “Fashion”.

Kevin Lee, founder of “FASHIONOMY Fashion” and CEO of East and West Global Chuangchuang Group, is known by the major media as “the representative of Chinese fashion pioneers” and “the whole Chinese community, the closest person to the top international fashion.”

The all-ecological fashion platform “FASHIONOMY Fashion” is also a fashion tour that Li Guanyi reopened in Shanghai after the magazines “WestEast Magazine”, “The East and West Celebrities” and “Morning WestEast”, in addition to continuing the past magazines rooted in the East. The spirit of the perspective, the output of the local perspective and the concept of conveying the beauty, will also be committed to becoming an important window and platform to fully connect the resources of the fashion industry.

At the first anniversary party of “FASHIONOMY Fashion Industry”, Mr. Li Guanyi shared with you the friends and friends who came to support the experience and gains of restarting the business in Shanghai and the expectation for the future.

“From 2001, I started the “East and West Magazine” in Hong Kong, and in 2018, I started the FASHIONOMY fashion industry in Shanghai. Although they have different names, they are doing the same thing – bringing Chinese perspectives into The international fashion circle has become a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. At the same time, “FASHIONOMY Fashion Industry” will also emphasize the attributes of Chinese people. “

“This is not an easy task. But I have been deeply involved in this industry for 32 years. This idea has become a mission and a dream. Maybe at first, everyone does not understand what I am doing, but I believe that everyone I will suddenly realize and finally understand me. This is what I want to do. Therefore, I hope to help promote the fashion industry, generate more subversive ideas, and help you see the fashion circle in addition to the superficial flashy, essentially different aspects. And the inner heritage. Now, “FASHIONOMY Fashion Circle” leads everyone step by step toward dreams and goals, and hopes to interact with friends in more different roles in the fashion industry in the future. “

The party was supported by partners such as Erdos, a well-known Chinese cashmere group, and Swiss Line, a medical skin care brand founded in Zurich, Switzerland.

Founded in 1979, Erdos Group has been innovating for nearly 40 years and has become a large-scale enterprise group that combines two segments of cashmere garments and heavy chemical recycling economy. On the eve of the release of Ordos’s “CASHMERE POWER” 2019 autumn and winter new products, “FASHIONOMY Fashion Industry” invited many famous fashion bloggers, models, street shooters and KOLs to demonstrate the unique charm of the different brands of the Ordos Group. It shows the excellent craftsmanship and high quality cashmere of the Ordos Group.

Copy supermodel face! Come to Kangkang 2020 are popular makeup?

As a major event in the fashion world, Fashion Week always attracts fashion trends. In addition to the new styles launched by major brands every season, the makeup of the model on the T stage is also a fashionable wind vane worthy of attention. Even if you are not a supermodel face, but you have the same supermodel makeup, you can still earn enough eyeballs~

Here are the makeup trends that follow the PC sauce together with Kangkang 2020~

Punk smoky makeup

Keywords: smoky eyeliner, eye shadow smudge

As soon as autumn and winter arrive, the smoky makeup is coming back! For this kind of makeup, the eyeliner is undoubtedly the highlight of the makeup, the black eyeliner outlines the glamorous eye shape, and the dark gray eye shadow is dizzy, creating a three-dimensional layered deep and clear celebrity dresses .

On the Tom Ford show, the purple neon lights pulled the timeline back to the eighties. It was a fun and bold era, combining women’s innocence with darkness, giving people an exaggerated and overly cold feeling.

And the hairstyle is also the punk shape that echoes the smoky makeup. It is a “friend girl” in the 1980s. The only lyrics in the head are “forgive me for being free and free.”

In the eyes of the embroidered with some sequins eyeshadow, the drama is also very eye-catching at the same time, like Bella Hadid so on the head tied two round hairpins, go out at night to dilute, enough to flash and enough ~

If you feel that the cold is not enough, this all-inclusive eyeliner makeup will definitely make you full of temperament!

But remember, the CP of the all-inclusive eyeliner must be small smoked, and the edges are clear and easier to control. With a natural and clear foundation, it will not show up with makeup, no smoke, no autumn and winter~

Speaking of Twiggy, her signature makeup immediately emerges: three layers of super-curled eyelashes, eyeliner and pink lips are highly recognizable, especially the black eyeliner across the eyelids. The net red blogger’s emulation object.

This one was once rated as “a face that can represent 1966” and will still shine on the 2020 fashion week show.

At the Marc Jacobs show, Twiggy’s iconic thick black eyeliner created a deep eye socket, adjusted according to the differences between the Chinese and Western features, but it is not something that ordinary people can hold.

Using false eyelashes and eyeliner to create an exaggerated eyelash curvature, compared to the childlike purity of Twiggy, it is more like a ghost of a ghost horse, eye-catching and drama, playing different tastes.

At the Victoria Beckman show, the focus of the makeup was shifted again, dimming the eyeshadow and only layering the eyeliner at the eyelid folds, using different color eyeliners to present a retro modern feel.

Even if the eye socket is not deep enough, the national model He Cong, the Twiggy eyeliner is not violated, but also highlights the sharp eyes. With a smooth, oily head with a clear comb, the gas field is fully open, and at first glance there is a feeling of Boyish Style.

It is enough to see Twiggy’s logo eyeliner makeup, whether in the 60s or the present, is a “compulsory course” for fashionable people, and it is not too exaggerated to go out on a daily basis.

Throughout the 2020 Fashion Week, it is not difficult to find that the brand is more and more inclined to the most natural makeup, even on the show, it is clean and simple, elegant atmosphere, through the uniform and bright base makeup and the gods of the gods to present the model Perfect posture.

In order to create an elegant and refined French makeup, in addition to the natural and transparent makeup, eye makeup is the highlight. The eyelashes are curled up to create a natural curvature, and then a very slender eyeliner is formed along the root of the upper eyelashes, inadvertently presenting a glamorous and sexy French style. Lips selected for lip gloss not only add to the moisturization of the lips, but also look more natural and translucent.

In today’s retro fashion, the re-emergence and innovation of classic makeup is also a popular trend. This fashion week can be seen everywhere in the 80s era symbol of the beauty of the Princess Diana. On the Tory Burch show, she paid tribute to her widely circulated style.

Needless to say, the natural flawless makeup is natural. The focus is on the one-third of the upper eyeliner, which is only slightly tilted at the end of the eye, gently smudged, blurred and deep. With the color of the bean paste rose, it is very elegant.

Dressing the forehead hair into a curved side, adorned with a comb to securely decorate it, and paired with earrings decorated with jewels or pearls, elegant and luxurious, blending the 80s retro with the current elegant style. .

To say another highlight of this season’s makeup, the avant-garde color of the macaron’s color is really eye-catching, a traditionally too weird color, suddenly become extraordinary, bright and bold.

At the Nicole Miller show, the eye-catching color eye shadow contrasts make the model stand out. When the girl’s red and yellow eyeshadows are matched, the visual impact is stronger, and the glossy nude lip is matched. .

On the Alice + Olivia show, you can see more macarons, such as mint, light blue, etc., with a large amount of eye shadow covering the entire eyelid to highlight the full girly.

Of course, in daily life, PC sauce is recommended for everyone like Jennie. With a color eye shadow at the end of the eye, along the upper eyelids, the slender upturned eyeshadow is outlined, and the eye makeup instantly shines a lot.

In addition, the pink blush is smudged in the temples and cheekbones to create a feeling of blushing and eye-catching tie, such as the colorful flowers in the summer garden, expressing the romantic style of an independent woman.

If you are worried that the color eye shadow can’t hold, PC sauce suggests that you can try the macaron eyeliner. Just draw a bright color uphole eyeliner over the black eyeliner, you can add points to the eye makeup, remember not to be too Rough.

This method is used extensively on the Tadashi Shoji show, which looks like an Eastern hurricane, creating a pink dreamy atmosphere. Then take a clean and neat half of the hair, set off a gentle and noble temperament.

In addition, eye makeup elements such as sequins and rhinestones have become the main trend of the season. It is very interesting to add a light color to the makeup.

With the hit of the American drama “Euphoria”, the “Euphoria-style makeup revolution” on the T stage is also welcoming another climax. The unique and individualized exploration has become the main theme of the show, which is why it will be seen in Fashion Week. A lot of flash and color.

Whether it’s an all-inclusive sequined makeup with glittering eyeshadows from the eyelids to the eyebrows, or a combination of eyelashes and sequins, or a combination of sequins in the eyes and the end of the eye, it definitely brings a visual impact, but I have to say that when the metal sense meets the neutral face, it is a unique cool temperament.

On the Giorgio Armani show, the gauze made of clear sequins creates another high-quality texture in the eye socket.
In the daily outings, you may wish to apply a sequined eye shadow at the end of the eye, or put your favorite sequins around or under the eyes. It is definitely a Party Queen in the crowd.

It is not difficult to find that the phrase “fashion is a reincarnation” is also applicable in the case of beauty. Looking at so many 2020 makeup trends, which one do you most want to pick?

It’s too easy to ride a small suit that everyone loves to wear.

This autumn is particularly cool. In this season of wearing less cold and wearing more boring, have you started your world war with your mother because of dressing? But if you want to ask me what this autumn warm fashion renewal item is, I will definitely say a suit.

This kind of golden temperature, you are not fast out of the long-lost blazer from the closet, compared to the thick coat, the suit jacket is absolutely cool and stylish, warm and stylish celebrity dresses.

When you mention the blazer, you think of washing and blowing and selling your brother. Now the suit is no longer the stereotype of the year. Whether it is solid color or plaid printing, it is all hot in the fashion circle.

At the just-concluded Spring/Summer 2020 Fashion Week, SAINT LAURENT’s show used a lot of suits, and the combination of blazer and sequin elements not only retained the enthusiasm of the suit, but also added a woman’s enchanting charm. Just in the middle of the soft, full of gas field.

Gucci’s show is a retro and avant-garde collision, colorful but yet unobtrusive, full of design.

Compared with the show styles on the T stage, the star bloggers wear a lot of suits for daily use, which is very valuable. Choosing a suit jacket on a dull autumn day seems to never go wrong. With a white suit trousers or a gentle nude sweater, you can easily brighten your overall look.

The fall of the Australian blogger Jessica Alizzi is always inseparable from the blazer, whether it is the color of youthful beauty, or the gentle and intellectual nature of the plain, it is an indispensable fashionable piece in her autumn.

Bermuda shorts can be described as a real fire this year. The loose version can not only modify the leg lines, but also easily cover the thighs. This is the most fashionable fashion item. Together, it can be said that the king is a combination. There are models and models.

Suit jackets and Bermuda shorts are the most common in this combination. Whether it is its wide shape or its exquisite style, it has become a new trend nowadays, especially this unified drape texture. It is easier to wear a sense of quality and layering.

Especially when the oversized blazer is paired with Bermuda shorts, it is more rebellious and unruly in its relaxed and casual style. With an unsmiling expression, you can definitely make you the coolest in the audience.

The combination of light and thin linen Bermuda shorts and blazer is equally popular. Although this combination is a very small shape, it is more daily and casual, but the linen material has a fatal flaw. It is easy to leave wrinkles in everyday wear, and it is easy to cause misunderstandings compared to drape fabrics.

The blazer with Bermuda shorts, a belt and a saddle bag, a perfect Vintage, stylish and easy to wear out.

If you want to say who the wonderful partner of the suit jacket is, it must be – the belt is undoubted, as long as a belt is tied outside the suit, you can easily change the entire matching gas field, so that an ordinary suit becomes full of design .

Under the brace of the belt, the oversized blazer not only perfectly refines the waistline, but also shows that the whole person is full of spirits, domineering and savvy, and the gas field is unparalleled.

Like this suit of the color suit, I am most afraid of finding a waist, but a belt that emphasizes the waistline is necessary. Who dares to say that you are a bucket waist?

In addition to the thick and thin belts, it is suitable for autumn and winter. This kind of long belt is used to walk with the wind and wind, and the blazer with its own gas field forms a wonderful contrast between collision and harmony.

The deformed belt can also be a practical and beautiful small pocket, and the key red lipstick can be put in, and the hands can be liberated.

      The most common suit + dress with a undeniable must be Chanel’s suit. In 1925, Ms. Chanel introduced the original concept of the suit for the first time at a small exhibition at the Paris Salon, breaking the notion of traditional clothing with masculinity combined with feminine femininity.

Later, the combination of suits and dresses was more common in the office ladies who came and went to the office, often forming a formal business suit.

But nowadays, it is not the old-fashioned straight skirt, the skirts of each door can be combined with the suit to form a perfect CP.

The usual way to wear it is to add a pleated skirt with a pointed boot to achieve an effortless fashion effect.

When it’s not hot or cold, just use the crop top bra inside the suit jacket. It’s just fine. If you turn it a little colder, you can use it in a basic model.

If you are lazy, the set of plaid suits and dresses in the same color is also very good. However, it should be noted that the plaid pattern and color should not be too old-fashioned. If you see those rules that are neat and boring, you should avoid it. The big plaid has a retro modern style.

If you want to be more fashionable, then you should put your knee boots on this year’s must-have boots. You must wear a super-long skirt and a small piece of boots under the skirt.

The little stars will catch up with this trend of autumn and winter this year, and it is more suitable for split dresses. Like 1.57m blogger Caroline Daur chose a split black and white print dress, so the height is 1 meter.

After all, investing in the “print queen” Mary Katrantzou returns to Greece to pay tribute to the inheritance

Yu Holdings’ senior haute couture brand Mary Katrantzou 2020 Spring/Summer collection released at the Temple of Poseidon in Greece

In October 2019, Yu Kat Investmentz’s haute couture designer Mary Katrantzou released his 2020 Spring/Summer collection “Wisdom Begins in Wonder” in Greece’s world-famous Poseidon Temple glory, to the history, legend and culture of his native Greece. pay tribute. Yu Holdings, founder and CEO of Yu Holdings, congratulated Mary Katrantzou on her talents and achievements, and hoped to continue to use her historical wisdom to promote the future development of society celebrity dresses.
Towering over the Aegean Sea, the Temple of Poseidon is an important symbol of Athens’ golden age. It has a long history and the glory of the past has been re-lighted by today’s “Print Queen” Mary Katrantzou. She became the first designer to hold a fashion show on this important historical site.

In front of the Temple of Poseidon in Greece, the model is dressed in Mary Katrantzou 2020 Spring Summer Collection

Greek thought and civilization gave Mary Katrantzou inspiration and was reflected in her Spring/Summer 2020 collection. The sheer power of color is used strongly, and each piece of clothing highlights only one shade, complemented by feathers, sequins and Swarovski crystals.

Plato once said: “Color is the flame that is ejected in various entities.” The blue of the Aegean Sea, the purple of Tyre, the black and white of the marble… The whole series constitutes a complete spectrum, colorful and brilliant. The global media has praised her for this gorgeous event.

Later in the evening, Mary Katrantzou founded her eponymous brand in 2008 and was proud of her unique print design and exquisite craftsmanship. Mary Katrantzou is able to sway her creativity and talents, and constantly expand the brand influence around the world, and it is inseparable from the support of the late night.
In 2017, in the late evening, Mary Katrantzou was invested in the name of Yu Capital, a subsidiary of Yu Holdings, and gave strategic advice on brand development at the strategic level, especially the strategy of further expanding the Chinese market. Yu Capital, together with Yu Fashion and Yu Culture, is part of Yu Holdings, which invests in fashion, lifestyle and new technology. The company has great commercial potential in global fashion, especially in China. Yu Holdings has a corporate mission of “creative power venture capitalists”.

One flower and one world, look at the “light flower man dance” in the pot of the hourglass

Literary girls watch movies to see the most romantic love movies; travel to Lavender’s vast expanse of Provence; afternoon tea to eat cream mousse pig girl; dress to wear Mori women’s sweater dress; they are exquisitely lively synonym”.

The literary girl who pursues the sense of life ritual is also very particular about drinking tea. She not only pursues the taste of tea, but also pays attention to the value of the tea and the effect of health. New flower and fruit teas that have emerged in recent years are their daily health favorite.
Huaguocha is a new type of tea with flowers and fresh fruits, rich in vitamins, fruit acids and minerals. After the tea is soaked, the tea is intoxicating, not only soothing the mood, but also beauty and beauty. If you use the cup to boil water directly, it is difficult to taste the tea, so professional tea making equipment is a good choice. Want to match the girl’s heart, convenient and quick tea making equipment, Ming Hao hourglass pot is a good choice.

The design of the Ming Hao Hourglass pot is designed as an hourglass shape. The body is mainly white, the lines are simple, the style is elegant, the feeling is very beautiful, and then the picky “appearance association” will also fall in love with it at a glance celebrity dresses.

Not only the value of the face, but also the use of this Ming Hao hourglass pot is full, traditional tea, flowers and fruit can be easily brewed. Put the tea in the glass tea leak, press the switch lightly, and the hourglass pot will enter the boiling water work. In less than a moment, the fruit tea will be soaked. The round glass tea leak can easily realize the separation of tea, one-button filtration, and the rich fruit tea slowly flows into the glass teapot. The tea soup is bright and without any impurities, and the tea is left in the tea leak. The tea leak and kettle of the Mingsha Hourglass pot are made of borosilicate glass. It is very transparent. You can see the flower tea and the fruit pieces dancing together. It not only smells the fragrance of the ingredients, but also is a visual enjoyment.
In addition to brewing professional flower and fruit tea, daily brewing a cup of basic tea is also a hand-to-hand. By means of hot water spray, the tea leaves are quickly stretched and released, releasing the tea fragrance. No longer need to continue the old-fashioned routine of boiling water and then making tea, and you can make a cup of good tea with a happy life.
When the literary girl begins to follow the drama of the Buddha, there is no need to worry about the tea meeting getting cold. The singer hourglass pot comes with two hours of heat preservation function. The mellow tea soup is warm with the drink, as if it is tailor-made for the girl, and the humanity design. When you want to clean the pottery hourglass pot, you only need to remove the glass tea leak, the water will be crystal clear, simple and intimate, and will not give the girl trouble.

Rose glamorous, fragrant fragrant osmanthus, sweet-scented osmanthus, scented hourglass pot is a paradise of flowers, each flower can be “light flower man dance.” When I was at home, the literary girl picked up a novel, soaked a cup of flower and fruit tea with a scented hourglass pot, and slowly harvested it, and harvested the small days of the ordinary days.